Los Angeles District Attorney Slams ‘Racist’ Recall Effort

Georgia Gascon via YouTube

California’s controversial district attorney, George Gascon, is blaming a current recall effort on “race-based fear-mongering.” Gascon, who has often been the subject of controversy for his liberal crime policies, said during an interview with the podcast “How We Win” that conservatives are working to create a false narrative about the crime in Los Angeles.

He took office in December 2020 and immediately implemented a series of progressive reforms that include not seeking cash bail or the death penalty, not prosecuting children as adults, even for serious crimes, and other measures.

Fox News reports:

“They have sort of created this false narrative about this is anti-safety, which is kind of the same fear-mongering tactics frankly that you can go back to the Nixon era, right, you know Willie Horton,” Gascon said.

The Willie Horton ad was not from the Nixon era, but from when George H.W. Bush was running for president against Democrat Michael Dukakis in the 1988 election. The television spot, put out by a pro-Bush group, used the story of Horton, a convict who escaped during a prison furlough and committed rape, assault, and robbery.

Gascon also took a shot at the GOP by blaming the party for mass shootings during the interview.

“Generally I’m a very optimistic person, but unfortunately so long as we continue to have 50 members of Congress that are Republicans and a couple of reluctant Democrats to do what’s right I think we’ll continue to have this problem,” Gascon said, likely referring to the Senate.

“I hate it when people offer prayers, you know, because I think it’s so hypocritical … to offer prayers when especially those that can do something about it are not doing it,” he added.

Gascon survived a previous recall effort in last after the petition failed to gain enough signatures.

  1. Attorneys General like George Gascon that have a revolving door for criminals needs to be removed from office.

  2. Of course it’s RACIST!!! Hey whitey isn’t everything? Grass is racist! Molecules are racist! Air is racist! You’re a buffoon! Not enough bad can be said about you! An absolute disgrace to humanity! Gascon needs much much more than a simple recall.

  3. It’s appalling that this DA thinks that he is doing a good job of keeping criminals off the street’s. This guy needs to be taken out by the police and arrested for failure to fulfill his sworn duties to protect the LA area. The criminals are glad to have such a worthless moron in the DA’s office. It means that they can do anything they want with no consequences.


    1. He is another stooge backed by George Soros. An old saying “every dog has its day”. I keep waiting for that day for a lot of dogs in America.

  4. His head is up his anus…He must watch CNN and MSNBC…He thinks everything is fine, like uncle Joe Sliden…

  5. Doesn’t prosecute criminals, won’t hold criminals until they post a bond and other PRO-CRIMINALS actions and it’s the REPUBLICAN’S fault?!

    The left is SOOOOO out of touch with reality!

  6. My post was just APPROVED from 15 hrs ago, I did not make a threat, did not use foul language etc….but still my post was censored for 15 hrs….Is this site going to censor somebody who will post threats, like the Texas School shooter did and will release the post AFTER the UN-thinkable happened….?????? Or will it be reported as it should in order to STOP a Threat….??????

  7. Racist recall, is he kidding. He’s a white supremist to be sure and his actions he should be put against a wall and shot for treason to California, LAX city and America. He’s caused more problems for letting criminals out and not prosecuting felons for serious crimes.


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