Democrat Senator Accuses Foreign President of Attempting to Blackmail Biden, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Democrat Senator Bob Menendez accused Mexican President Andrew Manuel Lopez Obrador of trying to blackmail President Joe Biden into including non-democratic regimes in the guest list for the Summit of the Americas.

The accusation comes as López Obrador skipped the U.S.-hosted Summit

According to The Hill:

“I think President López Obrador basically tried to blackmail President Bident into insisting countries that are not democratic, countries like Venezuela, Cuba [President] Daniel Ortega’s Nicaragua, that are dictators and despots, should have been invited to the summit,” Menéndez told MSNBC’s José Díaz Balart.

López Obrador was the highest-profile leader to skip the Summit, ongoing this week in Los Angeles, but he was joined in the snub by the leaders of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

Menéndez told Díaz Balart that Mexico is one of America’s most important bilateral relationships in the world, but said Biden made the right choice to exclude the three countries that have either not signed or openly defy the Inter-American Democratic Charter.

“I applaud President Biden for upholding the standard of the Summit to be a summit of democracies,” said Menéndez, who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Former President Trump did not attend the Summit in Peru in 2018.

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Ruby Begonia
17 days ago

What “blackmail” did the warrior dementiajoe resist? Withholding his wankey at nappy time?

Tea party Nebraskan
Tea party Nebraskan
17 days ago

Biden doesn’t know what day it is

17 days ago

Hey, thats alright my names not Fred and this isnt even almost news. It`s not a good idea to keep poking the Bear.

Richard Nuila-Crouse
17 days ago

Crook Menendez trying to bail out idiot Biden in his failed meeting. How about our democracy when they stole our election with fraudulent vote dumping etc etc.?

17 days ago

Oh, excuse me while I go throw up!

14 days ago

What is the blackmail? Just saying it because you want to doesnt make it so. More drivel from dems

14 days ago

Is this the same Menendez that was charged with various crimes by his own party? Yea I would really trust anything he says.

Mike Lewis
13 days ago

How does one blackmail one that doesn’t know who, what or where he is?

12 days ago

Menendez is A CROOK who belongs in prison. Once again, he escaped it a few years ago.
Time to imprison or EXECUTE such TRASH.

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