GOP Congressman Refuses to Support Trump in ’24

President of the United States Donald Trump speaking with supporters at an "An Address to Young Americans" event hosted by Students for Trump and Turning Point Action at Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Gage Skidmore Flickr.

Republican Congressman Don Bacon doesn’t intend to cast another vote for Donald Trump in the future. During an appearance with Meet the Press the Nebraska Republican said despite his support of Trump in the past, he plans to support a different nominee during the 2024 primary.

According to The Washington Examiner:

“We have to learn the lesson of ‘Why did we lose in 2020?’ It was the comportment and the temperament,” Bacon said. “And yes, a democracy respects elections. And our president should have respected the conclusion [in 2020], particularly when all the court cases were figured out.”

Chuck Todd then asked if he could imagine voting for Trump to which Bacon replied it was not his focus.

“Well, I’m going to focus on 2022, but no, I’ll be looking for other candidates,” Bacon noted. “We have a great slate of potential Republican presidents for 2024, and I look forward to being very involved and trying to get the right candidate nominated.”

When asked by Todd if he would support Trump if he was nominated, the Nebraska Republican seemed uncertain.

“You know, I’m reluctant to go there. But he’s not going to be my choice in the primary, that’s for sure.”

Trump has repeatedly hinted at launching another presidential campaign but has stopped short of making any official announcements. Many have speculated that Trump intends to use the 2022 midterms as a barometer of his remaining influence over the Republican Party and that his candidates’ successes– or failures will be a major determining factor leading to his decision to run.

  1. You are nothing more than betrayers to our democracy —
    Mr Trump served his country well – with dignity and superior knowledge-

    1. this is not a Democracy but is a Democratic Republic why do all so called congress and senate call it democracy?

      1. actually Nancy you might want to do some research. although the Dems want to rule the Country as a Democratic Republic, the United States is a Constitutional Republic.

        they, in this case meaning mostly Democrats consistently use use the term Democracy to confuse people and describe the “type” of Govt they wished the United States was ruled by.

        democratic Govt “laws are passed so long as they have majority support. Constitutional law is either non-existent or poses little obstacle to legislation.”

        a Constitutional Republic ” is rule by a government whose powers are limited by law or a formal constitution (an official document establishing the exact powers and restrictions of a nation and its government), and chosen by a vote amongst the populace. Typically, laws cannot be passed which violate said constitution.

    2. Ex-President Trump donated all his president salary back to the government or charities during his whole tenure time as a U.S. President. But, all the crooked politicians just ripped the Mr. Trump was the first US President that I ever knew that donated his whole Presidential tax payers. May God Bless President Trump, and good luck…

    1. Rhoda, you are very correct. Bill Barr is out testifying on the Jan 6th committee that he had no evidence there was any voter fraud in 2020. That is because he never investigated whether there was any fraud. He, Barr, stymied President Trump on anything he wanted to do for the country. Because of this, I have to say Barr is a liar, a lazy, do nothing, George W. Bush acolyte. He is a RINO to the nth degree and should not be believed. There was so much election and voter fraud that went on in 2020 that Trump, in spite of leading in Pennsylvania by 600,000 votes woke up the next morning and lost the state. There is no way a candidate can have this many votes counted and all of them go to Joe Biden. It is statistically impossible for this to happen. Dominion software did this and yet Pennsylvania, Georgia, and many more states are still using this very bad software to count ballots. If something does not change, the steal will be in again in 2022 and 2024. The USA needs to wake up and correct this.

  2. Well, now here is another idiot that is living in an alternate universe. Vote the bastard out! He’s a typical RINO and Benedict Arnold!

  3. The reason 2020 was lost was because of the corruption and deviance of the Democrats, the MSM, social media cover ups and rigging the election. There is absolutely no way in hell 81 million people voted for that decrepit old fool. 2 failed attempts at POTUS, the lies and deception, 50 years in office and nothing to show for it, the Ukraine, Russia and China collusion, Hunter Biden and so much more.

  4. Another stupid RHINO who does not respect results over temperament. So you would vote for a socialist over Trump because you do not like the leadership style. You should switch parties and be honest about it.

  5. Who cares? He probably will lose his election in Nov. This whole Jan. 6th circus is simply to make sure President Trump does not ever run again, plain and simple! A bunch of losers, RINO’s (2), career swamp creatures and they all hate President Trump (MY President). Let’s start a “commission” on Hunter Biden and the Biden corrupt family…..yes, that includes the current occupant of the W.H.

  6. Dumb, Dumb, and Dumber, he still in la la land the damn election was stollen, no one in their right mind would vote in some one that could not even remember who his wife was verses his sister, if they did then apply the first 3 words of this post to them!!!

  7. I keep wondering has stupid some Republicans can be; Pres. Trump gets into the office of the president fixes the nation and puts us in an incredibly great position. A phony election puts him out and now we have an example of how dastardly the destructive Democrat party and Pres. Biden are, and these fools don’t want to reelect the man that did such a great job for the nation because they don’t like his personality or the way he functions – forgetting what a great job he did. This is why this nation is screwed up; the Democrat party sticks together like glue and is destroying the country but, the stupid and ignorant Republicans play like a bunch of children deciding not to support a great agenda but to break it up so the party can lose again – stupidity is not only running rampant in America it’s controlling members of the Democrat party – how can America survive this ignorance and stupidity.


  9. Trump is a liar and does not respect democracy. He is also a draft dodger, a cheat in business and I understand no American bank will lend him money. He disgraced the GOP because he cares only about himself not the American people. His closest associates this he is ready for a straight jacket and so are his supporters. The Gop need a real leader.

    1. Your a stupid libtard . Like all the rest of you bastards that voted Biden. Look where we’re at now you idiot

  10. He wants comportment and temperament. I want a fighter and brawler. Enough of this nice guy garbage. The radical leftist democrats run all over them.

  11. How can anyone support a fraudulent election!?!? THAT’S NOT DEMOCRACY IF OUR ELECTIONS ARE CORRUPTED!


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