These Experts Are Sounding the Alarm on the Incoming Recession

Photo of a wallet with almost not money inside / Photo by Chris O'Neil

America and the world at large are heading towards a brutal recession and the Biden administration should be taking a large part of the blame. Rampant inflation and rising gas prices are all signs pointing in this direction, but there are other signs that are more telling. 

Here are all the signs that we are heading towards a recession:

  1. It can only get worse. Democrats have no leadership skills. Remove one, a less qualified Democrat steps in. All the way down to the donkey

    1. The thing is Biden is not running things! He has “handlers”.

  2. I do not find it surprising that an Ignoramus would claim ignorance of facts that are staring him or her right in the face and is guilty of the appearance and cause of those same facts to exist!


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