The Top Republican 2024 Presidential Contenders

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Many names are being floated around as potential candidates for 2024, but there are clear winners and losers among those. Some individuals are more likely to win the primary than others, and some can be thrown out of the race before it even starts. 

Trump is one of the top names in the race; although he remains undecided on a 2024 run, the former President could make a return to the top of the conservative world. We are taking him out of this just so we can look at the other options for a minute; after all, Trump is not confirmed to be running. But, then again, some of these people are not either.  

Here are some of the potential 2024 heavy hitters: 

  1. Stop kidding yourself. It will be and should be Trump 2024. No other possibility has run a national campaign much less received the highest and second-highest number of votes as a Republican for President. Trump’s 2020 total was 13 million more than Romney in 2012, 16 million more than McCain in 2008, and 13 million more than GW Bush in 2004.

    1. He does ONE thing you disagree with, and to you he is an unforgivable RINO? That’s a pretty narrow definition of what constitutes a Republican.

      By the way, I have yet to have anybody explain to me from the text of the Constitution how the President of the Senate gets the authority to challenge Electors from the task of opening Elector Certificates. Are you up to the challenge? Look first at the Twelfth Amendment.

  2. I have been a Conservative Republican all of my adult life – there is only 1 Republican on your list who would be in contention with Trump and that is DeSantis the rest are just names nobody pays attention to

  3. If possible, we should pick a candidate who has executive experience as well as strong principles. At the top the list among these are Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Kristi Noem, and Nikki Haley. Trump and DeSantis have a further advantage in having demonstrated firmness and the ability to manage in the face of hostile opposition.

    Ted Cruz may not have a lot of official executive experience, but he is a quick study, and appears to be able to organize people to work together. I don’t hold his slow endorsement of Donald Trump against him, considering that Trump called him “Lying Ted,” which is a mortal insult to a traditional Texan (that made me slow to endorse Trump, but his performance as President earned my approval).

  4. Trump – DeSantis ticket. Trump can only serve one more term, so he is in for 4 years, then DeSantis takes over for the next 8 years.


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