DeSantis Declines to Ask Trump for Re-election Endorsement

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is determined to make it on his own. According to sources close to the Florida Governor, he doesn’t plan to ask for former President Trump’s endorsement for his re-election campaign, a shocking move for Republicans looking to make waves in this year’s midterm elections.

Politico reports:

According to four people connected to the governor and former president, DeSantis has not asked Trump for a formal endorsement and isn’t planning to. It’s a clear sign that DeSantis, who more than four years ago was a little-known congressman from northeast Florida, has risen high in the GOP stratosphere.

DeSantis’ reluctance to seek the former president’s public support comes as the Florida governor prepares for a likely 2024 White House bid, even if Trump also runs in 2024 — setting up a potential clash between two powerful figures in the GOP.

“[DeSantis is] a Cat 5 hurricane in Florida politics — and in a good way if you are a Republican,” said Anthony Pedicini, a veteran GOP consultant in Florida. “He is a force of nature.”

DeSantis’s choice to outwardly not seek Trump’s endorsement comes as rumors swirl the Florida Republican could be angling toward a presidential campaign in 2024, a potential challenge to the former President who hasn’t shied away from publicizing his interest in launching a third presidential campaign.

A recent New Hampshire poll reported that Ron DeSantis was leading against Donald Trump amongst likely Republican voters.

The Daily Caller reports:

DeSantis garnered 39% support in the poll of 318 likely GOP primary voters, followed by Trump with 37%. Former Vice President Mike Pence received 9% support, and former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley garnered 6%. No other candidate mentioned in the poll, conducted by the University of New Hampshire from June 16-20, received more than 1% support. The poll had a margin of error of 5.5%, meaning that DeSantis and Trump were effectively tied.

    1. I just think he is so well liked, and confident that he has no opposition he really does not need and endorsement. People reading too much into this

  1. I voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020. But as expected, others like DeSantis have come forward and are better liked by far than Trump. It’s sad but the Democrats’ mega campaign against Trump has been effective enough to place his electability in doubt. Let there be no doubt though, DeSantis and probably Abott are standing on Trump’s shoulders. So be grateful we had Trump to get things rolling and never forget his achievements.

  2. DeSantis is a solid conservative whose handling, for example, of the COVID crises has been exemplary. He understood the science and focussed the state’s efforts on protecting the vulnerable population without giving in to Fauci induced panic and shutting down Florida. This demonstrated political courage. DeSantis is also a warrior in the culture wars. Finally, DeSantis is probably the potential candidate who is most electable for the presidency. The fact that DeSantis is also The fact that DeSantis is a veteran is another strong point. He is wise to stand on his own merits in the upcoming election in Florida. .

  3. I support both men but I do believe that if President Trump would run again, the same old same old would play out again but this time on steroids!!! The left hates him with a passion and nothing would get done if he occupied the White House in 2024. Tragically he did not have the opportunity to have four more years due to a whole lot of lying and cheating. God is in control and He will work it out if we do our part.

  4. Governor DeSantis should run on his own merit and not ask Trump for any support recognition etc. I think he would have a much better chance. I believe many Americans are grateful for what Trump accomplished but his days are over. If he wishes to help politicians get elected or re-elected then he needs to tone down his I,Me, and truly support the politicians. I believe that America’s only hope now is governor DeSantis for president.

  5. How about a Trump?Desantos ticket, whichever order?
    After the primary debates, they would be the best choices, although the GOP has FAR more capable candidates the ANYONE those Democrat idiots could possibly field to run.

  6. If he has made it on his own to this point and is gaining ground why chance it if things go awry for Trump.

  7. The measure of any elected office holder is the legislation that they manage to pass. Everything else is empty propaganda.

    Destanis is and would be more effective. Talk is cheap.


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