Biden’s DOJ Releases Unprecedented Statement Following SCOTUS Gun Ruling

Chuck Kennedy for The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

In a surprising move, the Department of Justice criticized the Thursday decision by the Supreme Court to invalidate a New York law restricting concealed carry. The highly politicized move drew sharp criticism from Republicans and political commentators.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court released its ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen. The Court ruled that New York’s 1911 law that conditioned the right to a concealed carry permit on “good moral character” and “proper cause” was unconstitutional.

The Daily Wire reports:

Garland scrupulously avoided putting his own name on the criticism. Instead, the Department of Justice released spokeswoman Dena Iverson’s statement as she wrote, “We respectfully disagree with the Court’s conclusion that the Second Amendment forbids New York’s reasonable requirement that individuals seeking to carry a concealed handgun must show that they need to do so for self-defense.”

In a tweet, political commentator Mike Cernovich called the statement a “direct threat against the judiciary.”

On May 11, Florida GOP senator Marco Rubio wrote a letter to Biden’s Department of Justice asking them to publicly condemn and investigate the ongoing and unlawful efforts designed to intimidate Supreme Court Justices after the leak of a draft opinion from the U.S. Supreme Court in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization indicated that the court would overturn the infamous Roe v. Wade decision.

Rubio said that Biden’s Department of Justice waited a full month before they responded, replying on the same day a man who allegedly planned to assassinate U.S. Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh was arrested.

I conveniently received a response to my letter from DOJ on the same day that an attempted assassination of Justice Kavanaugh was made on June 8, 2022. Violent acts like this should come as no surprise, given that the threats made outside of Justices’ homes were precisely the cause for alarm that we referenced in asking the DOJ to hold these bad actors accountable.

  1. This is what is wrong with our Country! The gov’t thinks they know everything & ignore our Constitution! Our government needs to go and there are over 300,000,000 Americans that agree with that. Hopefully changes will come soon.

  2. What would you expect? The DOJ is packed with bleeding hearts and run by a communistic demoRAT hack who cares NOTHING about our Constitutional rights. I truly expect New And other socialistic prefectures to ignore the ruling unless they are forced to. DemoRATS – the Constitution only applies when it suits THEIR needs, not yours.

  3. Do we need any further evidence that Biden’s DOJ is highly politicized and cannot be trusted to enforce the laws as they exist?

  4. YOUR ALL PISSED OFF BECAUSE YOUR LOSING YOUR CONTROL OVER THE AMERICAN PPL PLAIN AND SIMPLE FACTS!!!!! I honestly believe you Democrats and the left wants a Civil war to break out!!! You need to fix the problem at these schools like SECURITY and quit defunding our POLICE FORCES!!! You Democrats and the left have WOKE THE AMERICAN PPL UP FROM YOUR CORRUPTED, EVIL WAYS!!!

    1. What should be made CLEAR, perfectly CLEAR is that the Democrats on the whole are Americans like you and me – IT’s THE COMUNIST LEADERSHIP that’s sold out!

    2. CHINA is pulling Biden’s strings….and they’d love it if it ever got that bad in the USA…the distraction would let them conquer Taiwan, maybe Australia and India while they were at it…

  5. Biden’s mind walked off long ago, he probably never read the letter, Klain was afraid that if he read it he would respond to it! Poor Klain. He cant shovel s**t fast enough

  6. Garland’s department is just another part of the deep state that needs removed from our government. Just trash promoting trash.

    1. WRONG . . . DOJ, FBI and the rest of the alphabet criminal enterprises need to be changed much like a babies diaper . . . these “Establishment” Creeps take on a OWNERSHIP attitude and are so much smarter and wiser then those we elect!

  7. Not sure why the DOJ’s opinion should matter in any case. The DOJ is not a part of the Executive or Legislative bodies and really has no real power to dictate anything as they are not an elected body but was placed in their position by woeful politicians. Just another worthless waste of tax payers money and a vehicle for graft and intimidation by the democrats.
    As for the right to purchase any weapon, there was never any such prohibition within The Constitution. In fact; there was never any prohibition in The Constitution forbidding anyone from purchasing ANY type of weapon. IN the 60’s; as an adolescent, I could have gone into any place which sold guns and made a purchase. Our freedoms have been trampled on since the early 1900’s and have only escaladed since the late 60’s.

    1. 100 years ago or so Sear &Roebuck sold mail-order machine guns….if you were rich enough to be able to afford one! (and people actually learned things in school and nobody ever dreamed of shooting kids in a classroom…)

  8. If we don’t purge these left wing liberals from our government they are going to destroy this constitutional republic and install their version of a socialist country. We must begin this November, and do it again in November 2024, by voting against every democrat running for office, at all levels of government, from county to federal. It looks like that may be the only way to save this nation of ours.

    1. And get rid of the RINOS! Cheney has got to go! And our senator Turd Young just voted with the Dims to deny Due Process with Red Flag laws…get them all out!

  9. It’s ok to let the criminals go even those who use guns in the commission of their crimes r violence but no way will dems allow people the ability to defend themselves. Biden, who was behind the gun free zones law gave mass shooters crate blanc to go to a place
    where they know there will be nobody who will,have the ability to stop them. The ability to protect yourself with a gun IS in the constitution! Every country that has been taken over by authoritarian regiemes have outlawed the peoples ability to protect themselves not only by the criminal element but but the government and with those regiemes they use a criminal element to take over, as well as countries with laws that allow peopl e to protect the,selves have never been successfully invaded

  10. The NY (law) said that people must be of “good” moral character. Under that statement it seems to me that just about all politicians and their staffs could NOT qualify. THINK ABOUT IT!

  11. The federal agencies internal actions to make statements like this and others sounds like they need a good deep colonic to clean out these turds back to the swamp!

  12. Until one understands that the demonically evil left/Democrats care about one thing power control and global slavery and they cannot achieve that if we are a nation that is armed. Look at all the other nations that were disarmed especially Venezuela and Australia and New Zealand most recently and you will see how great the governments have turned on the people that they work for because they canal not protect ourselves from the enemy within, just as they’re doing hard here and believe me they will do anything anything or nothing to achieve their goal even if they have to murder In our school systems, to achieve their goal If you look at what happened in Florida and Texas schools they mirror one another does that sound coincidental?

  13. Note the words of the second amendment, and more importantly, the semicolon. This places the second sentence on a equal footing with the first sentence. This also means that the second sentence is distinct and different just as much as any LIST. The two sentences cover the same thought, but on separate but equal weights. The militia needed arms, and the people could bring their own, so therefore, the infringement on the people’s right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed. And any demand of the government to regulate, control or issue any form of right for said weapons is an infringement and therefor unconstitutional.

  14. Since this communist organization refuses to publish anything I write thet won’t be bothered by me again. I WANT MY NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, EVERYTHING REMOVED FROM THEIR MAILING LIST IMMEDIATELY. I do not believe in censorship because I had to deal with that when I was helping defend this country in the 1940s.

  15. Why is this surprising? It would be more surprising if Bidens DOJ supported people’s constitutional rights.

  16. The three branches of US government are Legislative which makes laws, Executive, which carries out & enforces the laws, and Judicial, which interprets & evaluates laws for constitutionality
    I believe the SCOTUS interpretation of the laws overrides the interpretations of the other branches; that is the sole purpose of the Supreme Court, if I understand the position of the the three branches of the government. When the Judicial Branch says a law is unconstitutional, the Executive Branch (DOJ) should not argue with them.

  17. When Conservatives take back both houses this midterm election it will be time to address this person directly by ordering their TERMINATION. Their job is to UPHOLD LAW, not to make public statements saying that they disagree with the Highest Court in the Land. IN fact that statement is a violation of their OATH OF OFFICE and JUST CAUSE FOR TERMINATION.
    Say goodbye to your job asswipe.

  18. What better way to have onE of yours at SCOTUS without taking fault if someone with a mental issue causes harm to one of the SCOTUS member they feel is in their way to get one of theirs there..

  19. everyone involved in making this statement needs to be TERMINATED for violation of oath. The fact is that SCOTUS has determined LAW and that this department is there to UPHOLD LAW and CIVIL RIGHTS BOTH.

    Any statement like this is INSTRUCTION to the entire organization to VIOLATE the civil rights involved in any way they can

  20. Garland seems to be what the democrats claim most of us are, a white suprematist. Every time he says anything he reinforces my belief we dodged a second Version of Roger brooke Taney on the Court when Obama tried to install him on the Court. There doesnt seem to be anyone in the Bidons administration who seems to honor the Constitution. They all must agree with Obamas comment that the Constitution didnt give enough Power to the government (aka democratic politicians).

  21. Just because the libs let all the dangerous criminal released after the cops spend time and money to arrest them doesn’t mean you as a law abiding citizen have a right to protect themselves??


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