Hypothetical 2024 Poll Predicts Bad News for Biden

A new poll regarding the potential rematch between Donald Trump and Joe Biden puts Trump in the lead. A new Emerson College poll asks voters which politician they would support if the two are on the ballot once again.

The Hill reports:

The national survey shows Trump leading Biden 44 percent to 39 percent in a head-to-head match-up, while another 12 percent of voters say they plan to vote for someone else.

Trump’s support has held firm since May, when the same poll found him notching 44 percent support in a 2024 race against Biden. But Biden’s support has waned somewhat since then, dropping from 42 percent in May to 39 percent in late June.

If he does ultimately decide to run, however, Trump would be the early favorite to win the GOP presidential nod. Fifty-five percent of voters say they would support Trump in the 2024 Republican primary, while 20 percent would back Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a rising star within the party who has been floated as a potential presidential contender.

No other Republican scores double-digit support in a hypothetical primary match-up. Former Vice President Mike Pence notches 9 percent, while every other prospective candidate in the poll fails to clear even 5 percent support.

Will Biden manage to sway voters in his favor or should he go ahead and throw in the towel?

  1. Polls mean nothing … we do not have fair elections, look at Georgia and Colorado, that’s just a warm up, they are going to steal the elections again

  2. Doubt that Trump will be able to run since most of the “trumped” charges will prevail. He will bow out and try to endorse someone else.

  3. If Biden is getting that kind of approval from the Citizens, the US of A is in trouble. I cannot believe this poll.

  4. Hidenbiden is such an embarrassment, and failure, that his own party is about to disown him, he is so incompetent, his own party wants him out, so his impeachment, is more than an improbability before 2024.He has messed up our country so bad, he needs to be impeached and trown out of office for total incompetency.

  5. How could anyone be so stupid, ignorant, and dumb not to see that Trump is the only way out of this WORLD OF SHIT??? A TRUMP/DESANTIS TICKET WILL BLOW THEM ALL AWAY!!!

  6. Trump won in a landslide last time, only the election was STOLEN! Next time, he’ll win in an even bigger landslide….and hopefully the safeguards that failed in 2020 will be more secure in 2024!

  7. If people refuse to recognize and push back to the extreme danger this entire administration has been and will continue to be, we will not have anything left after two more years of the treacherous destruction Biden and his controllers have planned. They will have changed the fabric and stability that the world has come to expect and rely on from the United States. The world laughs at us or simply refuses to talk to Biden on the phone any more because they cannot trust anything his can’t even articulate. Nations that once felt safe from conquering despots and looked to the United States and the now totally corrupt UN, are having to develop their own huge defense arsenals rather then putting their money and effort into more peaceful endeavors. The instability that now exists in America, South America, Russia and the Middle East, let alone the constant unhampered threats from China and the cartel, are all due to the total lack of logical leadership from the so called “leader of the free world. “
    If all of that isn’t abundantly clear by now, the future for our children and the country we have loved, will probably be unrecognizably dangerous.

  8. Do not be so confident. They can cheat and the AG’s, the Justice Department, and no one cares because they are all compromised or blackmailed. We have to have phenomenal support to win, including majority of Blacks, Hispanics, moderate Democrats, Independents, and non Trump Republicans. Most Conservatives will side with President Trump and a running mate of DeSantis. If President Trump is unable to run, we will all support DeSantis, because he practices Trump’s plan for the US, More than the majority recognizes President Trump won the 2020 election, and are sick of this evil corruption to take down America by the globalist, to enrich the world at the expense of our US.

  9. if they use the drop boxes again we need a spotter at every box counting cheats! And observers at every count location and everybody leaves at the same time! No more midnight counts when nobody was supposed to be counting or even there! No more changing the numbers in the middle of the night! Anyone caught cheating is arrested that minute .

  10. Biden doesn’t have a towel to throw in!!!! But he is toast anyway!!!! To little to late he is
    burnt toast!!!

  11. Biden never beat Trump, not last time either. This proves it. No one wanted Biden’s America. The proof is in the pudding. It is inedible!

  12. Donald Trump might be the leader in the pols but as much as I hate to even think it I don’t think Trump on any other republican has a Chinaman’s chance. Biden “won” the last fraudulent election and I think we all know that once the socialists get power it’s almost impossible to get them out. As that socialist leader, Josef Stalin said, “To stay in power we have to lie, cheat, steal and kill.” He obviously did his share of those things and I strongly feel those things have already done here. God, how I hope I’m wrong. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    1. It will be up to the American people, assuming there are any left after two more years of this corrupt administration. Who ever thought that one man could be so wrong so much of the time as Biden is.

  13. Biden lost the last election and we watched the biggest con job in American history and nothing was done about it so at this point , what’s the point ?


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