Podcast Star Joe Rogan Reveals Why He Won’t Host Donald Trump

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Joe Rogan is not so keen on lending a helping hand to former president Donald Trump.

The podcast star says that despite some fans’ hopes he does not ever intend on hosting the former president on his podcast.

According to Fox News:

Speaking on The Lex Fridman Podcast, Rogan gave his candid impression about the former president, describing him as “such a polarizing figure that so many people felt like they could abandon their own ethics and morals and principles just to attack him and anybody who supports him because he is an existential threat to democracy itself.”

Rogan also noted that he thinks the “Trump era” was “one of the weirder times” in American history.

Fridman acknowledged Rogan’s assessment and added “maybe it’s going to get weirder.” “Yeah, I think it’s going to get weirder,” Rogan responded, declaring Trump was “going to run again.”

Fridman asked if he believed that Trump could win in a second face-off against Joe Biden. Rogan replied that Trump’s chances of victory are big because he would be running against a “dead man.”

“Well, he’s running against a dead man,” Rogan argued. “Biden shakes hands with people that aren’t even there when he gets off stage. I think he’s seeing ghosts.”

Rogan, who has had his fair share of controversial guests come on his show, mentioned that he would never have Trump on his podcast. “By the way, I’m not a Trump supporter in any way, shape or form. I’ve had the opportunity to have him on my show more than once. I’ve said no, every time.”

“I don’t want to help him,” Rogan declared, adding, “I’m not interested in helping him.”

  1. The hatred for President Trump is just UNBELIEVABLE………WHAT exactly was so bad that he did…??? He said the election was full of FRAUD and the way they were Bashing him for years, just because he kicked hillary off of her throne…???? Really…??? I am more than just GLAD that she did NOT make into the WH, we dodged a bullet…..

    1. It was a fraud! The election, I fell asleep at 2am.Trump ahead by a landslide again, 8 million votes or some shit, Woke-up at 6 am and Bidum is fucking President! Bullshit! WTF if anyone thinks they actually won you’re wacked! The assholes have open borders because they have to make up 8 million votes somehow, He’s a joke and his administration is a joke! Where’s John Wyan!

  2. Hmmm. Who knows? Joe Rogan MAY have just hurt his own cause. He may have just rung his own death knell to his fans. Why would he do that?
    If he’s going to admit to being an anti-Trumper, he may now be losing many pro-Trump people who could now believe he is less conservative than he proclaims to be.
    No media personality should be do anything that dumb, especially in this – another election year!

  3. And I’m not interested in listening to you ever! You obviously have nothing to say that I want to hear! Remember DeSantis & Trump are close friends, so your ideals are just weird!

  4. Joe Rogan appears to be afraid of the Woke left after his previous problems with woke musicians. Its all about the Money. Trump was good for the country Look at the country now SAD

  5. You might want to change your mind about that Joe Rogan because 100 million people do want him

  6. because they do not like people more quick-witted and smart lol not his fault but he does not want to be made a fool on his show lol

  7. THE NEW WORLD LIBERAL ORDER! WTF! How much corruption can biden and his democrats be allowed? Start impeachment hearings now? THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN, IMPEACHMENTS will be coming anyway after the mid terms, Hunter Biden brags about his influence over Joe Biden, ARE COMMUNIST RUNNING OUR COUNTRY? “So we’ve got a lot of questions about Hunter’s business dealings and questions for Biden administration officials to determine that the President is in fact compromised because of Hunter’s shady business dealings,” Comer explained. While Joe has denied having any knowledge of Hunter’s foreign business deals, more and more evidence suggests that this is a lie. impeach every asshole who broke his oath to our Country to protect and serve, replace them with those who love our country and are not looking to line their own pockets. Have all monies taken in by the biden crime family returned to the American tax payer as a penalty for their disloyalty to our nation. When Republicans take control of the House, Representative James Comer is in line to take over as Chairman of the powerful House Oversight Committee.

  8. Sounds like Joe Rogan wants to have butt sex with the Democrats he’s no conservative he is a rhino at the best but he is definitely a full-blooded Democrat it’s a shame his mom didn’t swallow

  9. Where WAS he when Trump was President? There was a return to normal (greatness) then. He’s off!

  10. If “weird” means low inflation, best economy ever, energy independent, no wars started, labor participation at all time high, neutering Russia, China, N Korea, & Iran, I’ll take weird over WOKE!

  11. Rogan , you just let the cat out of the bag. What the liberals have been saying about you aren’t true .. you really are an idiot with a lot of asshole in you as well ..

  12. Well I have never liked Joe Rogan anyway. I have never listened to any of his podcasts either. Based on what I have heard him say on other programs, he is not any better than Liz Cheney or Adam Kinzinger. I feel he is just trying to stay relevant like Hillary Rottenbottom Clinton. The only reason the democrats got upset about Trump is the fact he is not part of the democrats swamp, and vowed to drain it. There is nothing wrong with his America First agenda. But now it is Americans last just like the Obama era. There is a large number of people in this country that Obama is actually running the country. We have already seen that Joe Biden cannot!!!!!

    1. The biden family are nothing more then puppets on a string for Communist China, look how much money HUNTER HAS TAKEN IN FROM CHINA TO BE SHARED WITH THE BIDEN CRIME FAMILY.

  13. Rogan just lost me and hopefully a few millions of his fans because he is blind and deaf to what we the people really want! Trump was and still is the best potus USA ever had!! Wired and strange and non conventional? Yes! But just look at what he achieved while being attacked 24/7/365 from all sides!! Magapill. Com has most of them listed!! Maybe you Rogan need to read some!! What a shame!

  14. The dude is a copping out if he has had so many controversial people on his show…! Think about but Trump is to polarizing what pile of BULLSHIT. Glad I don’t listen to his show there is nothing more disingenuous than that. To each there own but don’t get on about your bull crap pulpit, telling me it is raining when your pissing on everyone’s leg

  15. I’ve heard of this guy, never listened to anything he puts out. Keep hearing he’s a conservative, this article tells me otherwise.
    What part of what’s going on (destruction is our country) does he NOT understand???
    He sounds like a liberal, better yet afraid of the woke. Shame, shame on you woke joe!!!

  16. interesting that Rogan percieves having Trump as a guest would “help” Trump. And he is anti helping Trump. This only shows Rogan has agendas, and does not have an “information” show. Who needs more media agendas? Never listened to his program, never will.

  17. Rogan’s mouth is way larger than his brain. Not sure whether he’s crazy or just stupid, but he apparently doesn’t understand that Trump’s performance has been extremely good, it’s just that the left (note that they don’t deserve a capital letter) have an insane hatred for him, because he does not fit their long-term plans to reduce our country to something malleable as a socialist, authoritarian state, which they get to run. Poor Rogan, he just doesn’t have a clue; all he’s got is a mild level of notoriety – – – -temporary as it is..

  18. Joe should do the interview. It would be at the very least interesting and informative and very reveling about both Joe and Trump. It would also show that Joe isn’t a one idealoge person and also has the cahonas that he admires about Malher. No matter the out come of the interview it’s a win win for all and that’s what concerns Joe. If he were to take a very honest look at the past 10 presidents and make a spreadsheet on all of them. Let’s say the columns would be titled as: Promises Kept vs. Promises Made, Out & Out Lies, Wars, World Peace, Domestic Economy, Worldwide Economic Impact. I’m sure there are a few more things that could be included. Throw in “Nasty Tweets” just to make an offset that the left would like and Joe might see this as a great opportunity.

  19. I am sorely disappointed in Rogan’s opinion. Used to be one of his fans — not anymore. Trump was dragged through every legal net available, and no one turned up even one iota of evidence regarding anything illegal or criminal. Whether one likes his personality or not, he made great strides in moving America forward and it should be obvious to anyone and everyone that he truly loves this country and worked for its best interests, not his own. Rogan is moving to the Democrat field by not being willing to talk to a person he disagrees with. Thought he was one of the few real unbiased people left — guess not. Sad.

  20. Eat a dick, Joe. Trump has done more for America, than ANY President in my lifetime. Stop watching CNN, Joe.. its rotting your brain.


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