This is Where Americans Are Cutting Costs Thanks to Biden-flation

Grocery store via Pixabay

Times are tough and only getting tougher, now Americans are trying new strategies to survive Biden’s America. With the economy in the gutter and experts predicting a recision it should come as no surprise that families everywhere are struggling. 

These are some of the new strategies that families are using to stay afloat in Biden’s America: 

  1. If meat is too scarce and expensive, beans, rice and lentils are a fair substitute several days a week. Get the dried beans and soak the quantity needed overnight before preparing; this is cheaper than canned beans. Rice in bags is much cheaper than the “instant” variety, and doesn’t take that much more time to prepare if you cook it in a microwave oven. Note that if dried beans have been stored for more than a few months, it will be necessary to add baking soda or salt to the soak water, and soak for a full day; otherwise they will be tough to chew.

    Another way to save money is to drip-dry laundry. If you don’t have access to a clothesline, put the shirts and pants on plastic hangers and hang them on the shower rod. You can also use clothespins to hang smaller items from wire coat hangers. Plastic hangers are also a good way to hang shirts on an outdoor line. Be sure to pull the wrinkles out of cotton items (especially shirts and socks) when you hang them up. If the weather is very humid, you may still have to finish in the clothes dryer, but it should not need as much time or energy in the dryer.

  2. It’s not only Biden it’s total commiecrat trash that’s causing these problems. Ship them to China so we can get back to normal.

  3. The Marxist commie democrat party leaders don’t give one once about your daily problems of staying afloat, they have your money in their accounts and don’t feel one iota of your pain, maybe half of the country who supports democrats should consider switching to the Republican Party that is for AMERICA FIRST!!


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