Deroy Murdock: Los Angeles School District’s Racist Left Uses CRT to Hold Down Blacks

Gavin Newsom spent Halloween morning with students and faculty at Blue Oak Elementary in Shingle Springs. This school was affected by utility power shutoffs this week & came together to keep school open. via Wikimedia Commons

Those who argue that Critical Race Theory is a conservative hallucination need look no further than L.A. to see that the Right is right — yet again. 
The 600,000-student Los Angeles Unified School District is using taxpayer dollars to train government teachers and staff members to instruct boys and girls that meritocracy, success, and hard work are all “white.” So, logically, if you are black, then kakistocracy (rule by the worst), failure, and sloth are just your cup of tea. 
This is vile, repugnant, racist garbage. 
Documents unearthed by Fox News Channel’s Jessica Chasmar confirm that this “implicit/unconscious bias training” is guided by UCLA professor Tyrone Howard. It contends that “Whiteness” “incorporates an anti-Blackness ideology which demonizes that which is furthest from White.” Also, “Individualism” “operates from a survival-of-the-fittest approach that stresses singular pursuit and accomplishment.”  
When I was in the LAUSD, from Kindergarten through grade 12 (1969 – 1982), it did not peddle this sludge. Instead, teachers, counselors, parents, and everyone else encouraged all kids — regardless of race — to focus, learn, strive, and, thus, prepare for prosperity in this land of abundance and opportunity. 
Forty years later, my old school system tells black kids that if they believe they can rise by doing their homework, studying hard, and reaching for riches, then they are acting white.  
America’s second largest school district has incubated the self-inflicted cancer of the “acting white” syndrome — which plagues too many black kids who value intelligence — and injected it into the curriculum. 
In short: CRT holds blacks down, so the KKK doesn’t have to. 
This Democrat-promoted concept is beyond reprehensible. Come November, this is one more reason why Americans, starting with blacks, need to stop voting Democrat and, instead, drive the entire Democrat Party over the closest cliff. 
These training materials urge dismantling the “myth of meritocracy” and fighting “microaggressions” — among them: “Everyone can succeed in the society if they [sic] work hard enough.”  
According to these lesson plans, the microaggressors who would express such ugliness must be confronted with the question: “So you feel that everyone can succeed in the society if they work hard enough. Can you give me some examples?” 
OK. Here are 10: 
1. Booker T. Washington: This former slave founded the Tuskegee Institute. 
2. Madam C.J. Walker: This one-time laundress earned millions via haircare products. 
3. Louis Armstrong: This prostitute’s son co-fathered jazz and scored global stardom. 
4. Ella Fitzgerald: This poor girl became the 20th Century’s finest female vocalist.  
5. Jackie Robinson: This star athlete integrated baseball and is among its greatest.  
6. Charlayne Hunter-Gault: She integrated U. Georgia and thrived in network news.  
7. E. Stanley O’Neal: This grandson of a slave rose to CEO of Merrill Lynch. 
8. Oprah Winfrey: Actress, broadcaster, media tycoon. Net worth: $2.6 billion. 
9. Neil DeGrasse Tyson: Author, astrophysicist, director of Hayden Planetarium. 
10. Barack Obama: Law professor, legislator, 44th President of the United States. 
Each of these individuals was born in the USA, worked hard, and succeeded. Aside from the mixed ethnicity of some, there is nothing “white” about them. They all made it here while being looked at as black and never running from their “blackness.” 
Tens of millions of other blacks have yet to achieve such fame and fortune. Regardless, they own shops, fly planes, cure patients, fix computers, construct houses, cultivate crops, and otherwise flourish through talent and diligence.  
Those who parrot the filthy lie that blacks cannot soar in America through industriousness because they lack “whiteness” are the most repugnant, dangerous, and evil racists around. For every white-hooded hatemonger haunting the hinterlands, there are hundreds of “diversity” specialists diligently advancing racism by preaching the slanderous gospel of black disability. 
The CRT advocates who pump this unfiltered sewage into the curriculum in Los Angeles and beyond deserve to be utterly disempowered and ultimately roasted in Hell with all the heat of the High Noon sun. 

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

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4 months ago

Your wrong on where Obama was born.
He was born in Kenya, & legally shouldn’t have been president of the US
According to the constitution.

Edmond Ramirez
Edmond Ramirez
4 months ago

When is the Black Community going to come to the realization that the Democrat party is their enemy not their friend. From the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, which the Democrats voted against, they did everything they could to support slavery; they hijacked the civil liberties movement which was a Republican party initiative. Now all of our schools are infected by the WOKE Democrat party-supported agenda to continue to subjugate the Black Community. The skullduggery has been going on for so many years that it has become now a discovered issue of the damage they have done to the Black Community. Perhaps this next election will be one where the Black Community votes to protect themselves by refusing to support Democrat politicians and vote for Republican candidates. The majority of the Black Community voted for Biden and they are now all paying the price – as well as everyone else – the Biden administration is one of the most destructive administrations in American history. It’s now time for the Black Community to vote for Republicans to protect themselves and their country.

4 months ago

The work of Satanists.

Judith A. Lisiecki
Judith A. Lisiecki
4 months ago

Totally agree! Deroy did it again….tell the truth! Another idea is to bring back the draft. This teaches respect, discipline, responsibility and zeros in on the talents of the enlisted and helps them be productive and uses the merit system. It also becomes family to many so they do not have to go to gangs. I am sure there is much hidden talents and skills that these young inner city children have and it is wasted because the Dems want to keep them in poverty. They also have more Planned Parenthood clinics in black neighborhoods and that should be a “red flag” also!

Nine Island Girl
Nine Island Girl
4 months ago

The black community needs to wake up, and the sooner the better. Which part of the DEMONKRAP party do they not understand, that they only care about them when elections come around??? Please people, wake up!!!

Nine Island Girl
Nine Island Girl
4 months ago


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