Taxpayers Stuck With Gov. Newsom’s Prohibited Travel Expenses

Charlie Nguyen from Berkeley, CA, United States of America [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

State taxpayers were reportedly stuck with the bill for California Governor Gavin Newsom‘s security detail during his recent vacation to Montana. The move is under intense scrutiny due to a ban on state-funded travel to Big Sky Country and 21 other states whose laws offend California liberals.

The Daily Wire reports:

The development, buried in a Thursday New York Times article about President Biden, could at least be a violation of the spirit of California Assembly Bill 1887, which Newsom’s predecessor, Jerry Brown, signed into law in 2016 to ensure state funds don’t help the economies of an ever-growing list of states whose laws California deems discriminatory.

“His kids are visiting their grandparents for his daughter’s birthday, as they do every year,” Newsom’s spokesman, Anthony York, told the Times. “On the security side, the law explicitly states there is an exemption for public safety, and the governor has to travel with security.”

Jennifer Van Laar of RedState said it appeared that Newsom’s travel arrangements did not comply with the law and wondered if the millionaire governor intended to reimburse taxpayers.

“It’s important to note that York did not say that Newsom planned to reimburse the state for the cost of that travel, and even if he did, that wouldn’t satisfy the law, since the law specifically states both that the state cannot require an employee to travel to any of the states on the list and that the state cannot approve a request to fund such travel,” she noted. “So, Newsom’s only way out is to claim an exemption.”

This isn’t the first time Gov. Newsom has broken his own rules. During the pandemic, the governor was caught at the luxury restaurant French Laundry despite there being a ban on indoor gatherings at the time.

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  2. They could have had the bday party elsewhere.
    I think Newsom is sizing up the CA expat population so he can justify a minor incursion into MT and reclaim his people by annexing part of the state.

  3. Newsom….a two-faced useless phony………A part of the demoCRAPTIC SCUMBAG PARTY…….which looks to destroy America…….my opinion


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