GOP Governor Says Conservatives are Turning Their Backs on Trump

Maryland GovPics / CC BY Wikimedia Commons

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan says that conservatives are slowly but surely moving away from Donald Trump.

During an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press” the Maryland Republican told Chuck Todd that he believes Trump’s influence on the Republican Party is fading, noting he predicted this would have already occurred.

According to The Hill:

“I’ve been talking about this for years now, and I felt like I was on a lifeboat all by myself. But now we need a bigger boat because more and more people are speaking out every day,” Hogan said. “I said Trump’s influence on the party was going to diminish over time. It hasn’t happened rapidly, but it has diminished dramatically.”

“It’s just taking longer than it should,” he added.

Governor Hogan also pointed to several Republican candidates Trump has worked against who have still prevailed in their primary challenges.

The Maryland governor, whose term ends this year and who is flirting with a potential White House bid, said America wants to move on from Trump.

“There are an awful lot of people — I would call them the exhausted majority of Americans who are frustrated with the far left and the far right — they want to see us go in a different direction,” the moderate Republican told NBC. “I’ve seen nothing to dissuade me from thinking that there’s a growing demand for exactly what we have done in Maryland over these last eight years.”

Despite Hogan’s claims conservatives are abandoning Trump ahead of 2024, a majority of pollsters still predict Trump is the leading contender to become the Party’s next presidential nominee.

  1. Rhino hogan, is double=talking out of his behind,Trump is the republican party, and people are not moving on from him, but from incompetent repukes like yourself, u wouldn’t have a chance in hell rununing for pres.

  2. What planet does this loser live on – Trump is just as strong as ever possibly even more so due to all the sham investigations and more proof of election fraud on a regular basis – a few states are going to decertify the electoral votes. Hogan go back in hiding when you come out of your mother’s basement you make a fool of yourself

  3. This Hogan fellow isn’t Hogan’s hero. The GOP bunch never backed Trump during his time in office so why is his remark a surprise? Politicians are just plain ignorant about the common person.

    1. The GOP bunch never backed Trump during his time in office …” So how did he get a near-unanimous endorsement from the GOP National Convention in 2020?

      Just 7 of the candidates Trump endorsed lost their primaries out a couple of hundred. Governor Hogan is straining to make a rule from the exceptions. Unless you have an unusual definition of “GOP bunch,” you’re making the same mistake.

  4. What planet is this creep on? A Constitutional Democratic Republic is and always will be an American platform. Trump had the courage to say it.


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