Biden Tries to Refute Claims Dems Want New Candidate for 2024

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

President Joe Biden is not prepared to face the music yet.

Despite an overwhelming number of pollsters and analysts reporting the fact Democrats are hoping for another candidate to emerge to take on the GOP in 2024 Biden will not hear it.

According to The Hill:

“They want me to run,” Biden said Tuesday evening when asked by a reporter, toward the end of the White House Congressional Picnic, for his message to Democrats who don’t want him to run for reelection.

“Read the polls. Read the polls,” Biden continued. “You guys are all the same. That poll showed that 92 percent of Democrats if I ran would vote for me.”

Biden was referencing a recent New York Times/Sienna College poll but clearly missed some major caveats.

What Biden did not address, however, was that the poll, released Monday, also showed 64 percent of Democratic primary voters said they would prefer the party nominate someone other than Biden in 2024, while 26 percent said that Biden should be the next Democratic presidential nominee.

The result was even more lopsided among young Democrats, with 94 percent of Democratic voters ages 18 to 29 saying that someone other than Biden should be the 2024 nominee.

  1. It is up to the people to keep up the integrity of the United States, which has been so greatly reduced by all the forces behind these travesties of justice.


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