Hollywood Activist Proposes Constitutional Amendment to Destroy Gun Rights

By KAZ Vorpal (Flickr: Declaration of Independence, with Firearm) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Hollywood Elitist Michael Moore has proposed a new amendment that would strip Americans of their 2nd Amendment rights. This new amendment from Michael Moore is the 28th amendment, and according to Moore, it’s the right of a “free people to be kept safe from gun violence.”

Here is what you need to know about Michael Moore’s latest political ploy:

  1. HeHe. Hitler and Stalin would be proud of this bloated pig’s amendment. What a simple minded fool.

  2. Nice try but the initial illustration was of the cap lock pistol which was not invented until about 1820 when it replaced the flint lock for most folks.

  3. If you read Section III of D. C. v. Heller (Pp.54-56), you will discover that Scalia endorsed gun control.

  4. Moore is just one in the gargantuan list of dumbed down leftists. Pretty obvious as he / they can’t comprehend the most basic aspects of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That being, that all of our rights, even the ones not enumerated in our founding and guiding documents, are bestowed upon us by our creator, not by government.

    RIF (Reading is fundamental) Herr Moore.

  5. Just more libtard whining about law abiding citizens that own firearms. It really doesnt work that way as to trying to do in the 2nd Amendment you need 38 states to say yes and I dont see that happening. Then if it does then you have to go though congress and since most of the people there are just in it for a pay check I dont see it making it though there either. Then it has to go though the senate and at this time you can figure it will be DOA. Sure the head moron would be willing to sign off on it but it wont make it to the clown so in the long run just stop whining about the 2nd Amendment. You want to do some thing positive then whine about the criminals which would reduce the so call gun violence.

  6. That is funny! I want an amendment that allows us to launch Moore back to Canada with a big catapult ! And when we are not using it for idiot retards! We could use it for corrupt judges and any Democrat that opens their mouth! GET THERE EARLY AS THE LINE FOR LANCHING WILL BE LONG!

  7. Does this fool not understand this is America – not Venezuela or Cuba – We the people still have a voice on what happens in this Country

  8. Moore is a complete unmitigated arse and if e does not like the current laws and constitution, he should move out of the country and revoke his citizenship

  9. Isn’t it often that this person suggests that we give up our 2nd amendment rights at all same time Poland is arming all citizens 13 years and older. Poland fears a Russian invasion while this idiot would invite one to the United States. Throw him out,he is the enemy.

  10. I can’t stand this marshmallow man. These idiots dont realize criminals don’t give a rats butt about laws. Leave us defenseless against them?!

  11. This guy is as delusional as Dementia Joe! I think he must be double vaxxed and Double boosted because the mental capacity of this guy has gone out the window!

    1. Criminals don’t care about the law, they are criminals!
    2. All this does is take guns out of the hands of law abiding Citizens and make us LESS safe by eliminating our ability to defend ourselves!
    3. And probably most importantly, You cannot make a Constitutional Amendment to negate another Amendment! Especially one that is established in the “Bill of Rights”.
    4. It would be ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL before it ever became law!
    5. Constitutional Amendments still need to be Constitutional! The Amendment process is designed to address things not already enumerated in the Constitution.

  12. Hollywood Elitist Michael Moore has proposed a new amendment that would strip Americans of their 2nd Amendment rights. The rest of the Elitist be-ache slap him for proposing something that would essentially disarm their “Private Security” details!

  13. Michael Moore, kindly go eat yourself…The rest of us do not need or want your advice. You are singularly unqualified to tell other people ho to live in ANY way…

  14. Moore is a pig who has his own private security so why would he care about we regular peasants having the right to protect ourselves? BTW, Porky probably does not know that the primary purpose of the Second Amendment was to allow citizens to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government such as we have now.

  15. Did you ever notice that most of the ELITIST who propose gun bans have armed security guards….more liberal HYPOCRISY.


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