Ohio Supreme Court Nixes GOP-drawn Congressional Maps for 2024 Elections

Ohio Supreme Court by Sixflashphoto via Wikimedia Commons

On Thursday, the Ohio Supreme Court threw out the GOP-drawn congressional map and ordered state lawmakers to redraw the districts ahead of the 2024 elections.

The Hill reports:

In a 4-3 decision, the court ruled that the state’s congressional map amounts to an unconstitutional gerrymander favoring Republicans. In the ruling, the court said that the evidence presented “shows that the March 2 plan also unduly favors the Republican Party and unduly disfavors the Democratic Party in violation of” the state constitution’s anti-gerrymandering provision.

The court ordered Ohio lawmakers to draw a new map within 30 days. If they fail to do so, the Ohio Redistricting Commission will have 30 days to adopt a new congressional map.

But any new map won’t be used until the 2024 elections, because the 2022 primary elections were already held under the existing congressional lines.

That map creates two Democratic-leaning districts, but gives Republicans an advantage in 11 others, while two other districts are considered highly competitive.

Thursday’s ruling marks the second time the state’s Supreme Court has declared a congressional map unconstitutional.

  1. When are the legislators going to rule the Biden Administration Unconstitutional for destroying AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL with their
    “Wishful Thinking” and “Spend and Hope for the Best” Policies?

      1. They Have A Controlling Number OF Dems IN Power IN Each Of These States So IT Makes Their Power Grabs Easier For Them To Keep G.O.P. Out OF Their Way AS Well As Make Sure County Boundaries Favor Dem Areas With Max Population IN Their Areas With More Dems IN THEM !

    1. Because Right NOW They Have Control And Their Proxies Have Their Blessings Keeping G.O.P. Out OF Dem States AS Much AS Possible And That IS How Dems Keep A Stranglehold ON Their Blue States BY Moving County Lines Around To Make Counties More Blue Friendly With The Help OF Blue A.G.’s And State Dem Supreme Courts !

  2. So It Is Up To The Dems IN THIS State To Continue Making Maps That Allow Them To Make Areas More Dem Favorable So AS TO Keep Up Their Own Majority Of Dem Counties In The State For Their Own Control TO Keep Their Majority Inside OF THESE DEM STATES SO THEY CAN BE KEPT BLUE AND UNDER DEM SUBSERVIENCE !

  3. It should be up to the state legislators to draw the maps, not a judge! That oversteps the bounds of districting . The demonrats want THEIR maps, not GOP maps! So—— who is allowed to gerrymander? The demonrats!!


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