Trump Rips McConnell Amid January 6 Inquisition

White House Flickr

On Thursday, 45th President Donald Trump took out his fury on moderate U.S. Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell during the House January 6th Committee’s continued inquisition into the alleged incursion of the U.S. Capitol. McConnell pinned blame on Trump for the incident.

The Hill reports:

“Is this the same Mitch McConnell who was losing big in Kentucky, and came to the White House to BEG me for an Endorsement and help? Without me he would have lost in a landslide. A disloyal sleaze bag!” Trump posted on Truth Social, his social media platform.

On Tuesday when asked whether he would oppose Trump’s candidacy for president in 2024 if he runs again, McConnell only predicted that the former president would face a lot of competition for the nomination.

“I think we’re going to have a crowded field for president. I assume most of that will unfold later and people will be picking their candidates in a crowded primary field,” he told reporters.

  1. Mitch (Turtle) McConnell has ties to the Chinese Communist Party through his Chinese wife.He is as compromised as Joe Biden is.

    1. His Wife Is The Daughter OF A Chinese Shipping Magnate Who IS Very Close To the Top Brass IN The C.C.P. !

    2. Mc Connell has to go. He is the ‘SwampFox’!! Get him out! Just another money whore!
      He makes a RINO seem like a choir boy.

  2. Another swamp creature, look at the money mc’connell and family have made from China.Don’t believe biden and the democrats, look no further then their America last policy, China first policy, look at their in power, financial gains, pelosi and family, biden and family, look at the pawns they put on office, look at our open borders and now ” Polio” has returned to the United States, because of biden’s border policy, times for changes America vote them out, keep them out, vote in the mid terms..

  3. That’s all Trump cares about – absolute loyalty to him – and the truth be damned. He’s an autocratic dictator wannabe who gets his panties in a wad whenever the truth about him is spoken – or as is the case here – testified to UNDER OATH – something the orange turd is unwilling to do – as he is a pathlogical, serial liar who’s incapable of telling the truth.

  4. What I do not understand is: Why did D. Trump endorse Tim Walberg: A RINO who could have pushed for a full forensic audit of the Mi. vote and challenged the choice of the electorate to all fall in line with the few counties which may or may not have actually voted overwhelmingly for Bite-me???
    It is because of weak kneed “representatives: like Walberg that we now have such a crises in America!!!

    1. I Am A trump fan, That Being Said IT Would Appear He Really Needs To Watch Who He Gives A Pat ON The Back To

      1. In a way; it is our own fault. Our local parties need to be vetting ALL candidates and if Trump will not contact us for our opinion then we should be sending them to him. As a Hilldale Rep. party member I feel we have done a fairly good job of that. Something which did not get done in the past; which is how and why we ended up with RINO’s like Walberg and FINK as well as the neo-con Shirkey who has no problem signing away our rights to bear arms.

  5. Let’s see just how long it takes for this comment to “get approved”. So often I see no one has commented on something; post a comment, then two days later and many other comments in between, Mine finally hits the board.

  6. What an awful RINO. I refuse to contribute to the Senate re-election committee until I know PRESIDENT Trump is the Republican candidate!

  7. old mitch will not have anything to say About Trump after siding with the demorat on many bills including GUN Grabbing bill

  8. mcconnell is TRULY VERMIN and needs to be ousted from ANY leadership position, can you say TERM LIMITS???

    1. exactly Right ! For To Long Now These people Have gotten Elected And End UP Dying IN Their Office And this Needs To Be Stopped

  9. Mitch has always been a Machiavellian politician kissing President Trump’s derrière and then, in the next step, surreptitiously, duplicitously, and with scrofulous character inserting a small blade.

  10. No matter what I say or how I say it, TNN always seems to find a way not to approve my posts – very interesting – free speech does seem to be dead – really gentlemen, if you don’t want me to post just say so.


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