John Hinckley, Reagan’s Would-Be Assassin, Releases Massive List of Key Issues

In 1981, John Hinckley Jr. attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan. The assassination attempt failed although President Reagan was severely wounded by the attack. In September 2021 Hinckley was released from his state-mandated confinement and now he is working as a pseudo-political activist.

Here are some of the key issues that the would-be assassin is looking to back up:

  1. Reagan is gone, but we still have Hinckley. No justice done. It is too bad that he did not get the death penalty. Prison did not help him any, and definitely not us.

  2. These are all good reasons this would be Assassin should have never been released by the DNC liberals. They already have enough nut cases roaming America with the same destructive ideas. His release is a disgrace to America, and a sign that the left is even mor unhinged than we ever thought. Now their chief spokesman will be a failed assassin of one of our greatest Presidents. I believe his Parole Board needs to use this list to put him back behind bars, It is clear that his time served has not reformed him, but radicalized him even more to claim he loves peace, and then go on to advocate all the violence that is dividing America.


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