22 Republican Governors BLAST Democrat Legislation

Photo of the US Capitol / Photo by the US Capitol via Flickr

Henry McMaster (R-SC)

Public Domain

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james henry james
james henry james
3 days ago

The problem is when the republicans come into power they will do NOTHING!!! They never do! What they need to do is pass a law that makes them pay it back! Every dime! If they are never made to be responsible they will never be responsible if they lose everything for their action the next bunch of losers will think very hard before screwing America! They think they can just forever keep stealing. But history says they will lose everything in one moment when the people get sick of their games! Then you will hear them scream about the laws they ignored forever!

Matt B
Matt B
2 days ago

This is why I voted for Biden and AOC. Maybe their destruction will cause the Republicans to actually “do something” if and when they take the majority.

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