All the Governorships That Could Flip to GOP

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Democrats are extremely unpopular in the 2022 Midterm Elections already, and all polls indicate the GOP could flip the U.S. House and Senate in November. But what about governorships? Here are all the states where Republicans could flip the governorships:

  1. Completely sets the stage for Trump to be the next president in 2024, a piece of bubble gum could beat Biden/Harris. Going to be a HUGE GOVERNMENT HOUSE KEEPING WITH LOTS OF FIRINGS with no pensions…Then the Treason charges will be filed against Obama, Clinton, Biden, Pelosi just top name a few and they will get no representation or be allowed to present a defense. The trial will consist of jurors who hate their guts….you opened pandora’s box…Going to be fun to watch…Donald Trump President in 2024…..

  2. Well you have to be living under a Porta Potty not to see all the fake crap promoted by Democrats to get sympathy ! AND IT IS ALL FAKE! They use the FBI to stage a fake kidnapping! Then pretend it wasn’t them. And the media can make their fke news with a straight face? Amazing what liars they are!

  3. Michigan has NOT had a good governor since Governor Engler. How the heck did Granholm get to where she is today? Granholm was the worst, still is, Whitmer just as bad.


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