Clinton Makes Decision on if She Will Run in 2024

Hillary Clinton via Gage Skidmore Flickr

Failed 2016 Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton just revealed what her plans are for the 2024 presidential election, saying she will never run for the high office ever again.

The Daily Wire reports:

Clinton offered the response during an interview with Norah O’Donnell on Tuesday’s “CBS Evening News.”

“No, no,” Clinton answered regarding another run. “But I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that we have a president who respects our democracy and the rule of law and upholds our institutions.”

The former 2016 candidate who lost to Donald Trump quickly added that he should be defeated if he runs again, calling his party members to oppose him.

“It should start in the Republican Party,” Clinton said. “Grow a backbone. Stand up to this guy.”


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20 days ago

ROFLMAO….there hasn’t been a Demonrat that respects the constitution or laws for decades….her included. Jail is where she needs to be.

17 days ago
Reply to  Don

Indeed. It is the DemonCrats who respect neither the Constitution nor the rule of law in the USA. They have obviously embraced many of the basic tenets of Marxism and Communism and if they remain in power, they will soon embrace the more lethal principles and modus operandi of Marxism.

20 days ago

She is not going to run, she is just going to wait to be drafted after a lot of back door maneuvering.

19 days ago

IF she REALLY wants a president who respects the constitution and our laws she will be voting for Trump.

George Horvat
George Horvat
18 days ago

We are a Constitutional REPUBLIC, not a democracy! Democracy is just a fancy word for SOCIALISM!!!
Democracy is the rule of numbers and in all democracies every minority gets royally screwed. Idiot Democrats know that and that’s why they will always call our nation a democracy because the Socialists already took over the Democratic party way back in the 70s. This lying bag of dung Hillary knows this and also knows that the general public is uneducated as to the differance.

9 days ago

Hitlery was born October 26, 1947. This is her last shot at an office she does NOT qualify for. Her bathroom computer that she sent government info on, Benghazi, the Russian hoax against Trump she led. How many other lies has she told?

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