These 11 Races Decide Who Will Control The Senate

Photo by ThatMakesThree via Flickr

We are about to enter the final month of campaigning before the midterm elections of 2022. November 8th will be a pivotal day for United States politics and these final moments of campaigning are vital for each race.

The Senate is currently divided 50/50 but Democrats control the tie-breaking Vice Presidential vote. This year, Republicans defend 21 of the 35 seats available for the taking.

These 11 races are likely to determine who will control the Senate at the end of the 2022 elections.

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Orville Weyrich
2 months ago

This post fails to tell me consistently what I want to for each election:

  1. Is each seat currently held by a Democrat or a Republican (do we hope to flip the status quo or preserve the status quo)?
  2. Make it clear whether each candidate is D or R?
  3. Ideally, provide a link to donate to each of the R Candidate’s donation web site.
2 months ago

I agree. Who’s who?

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