Three Illegal Aliens Have Finally Been Charged With Burglary Charges

Screenshot from BREITBART _10-17-22

Three illegal aliens, previously released into the United States Interior by Biden’s Department of Homeland Security, have finally been arrested and charged with second-degree burglary after being connected to 20 to 30 burglaries in Long Island New York’s Indian American neighborhoods. The three men, 20-year-old Brayan Alexis Ortiz-Ramos, 30-year-old Daniel Esteban Jimenez-Carrillo, and 33-year-old Gersson Jhoan Hernandez-Gomez, have been charged with second-degree burglary as a hate crime and conspiracy. While there is a fourth suspect that was charged and arrested, 20-year-old Justin Mora-Soto, he was born in the U.S. though he has spent most of his life in Colombia where his wife and kids live.

According to BREITBART:

“New York imposes one of the most rigorous sanctuary state policies in the U.S. — shielding illegal aliens who enter law enforcement custody from being turned over to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency for arrest and deportation.”

The three illegal aliens are among 1.35 million border crossers and illegal aliens that have been released directly in the U.S. interior by the DHS between February 2021 to August 2022. The three have had a few interactions with DHS. Ortiz-Ramos was caught near the U.S. – Mexico border in March, though he was released and given a immigration court date set in July 2023. Similarly Jimenez-Carrillo was caught near the border in June but was released without any immigration court proceedings scheduled. Hernandez-Gomez was caught near the border and in a rare occurrence he was placed into deportation proceedings. Mora-Soto would still be in jail if not for New York’s “No Bail” law, which allows suspects accused of property and violent crimes to walk free only hours after being arrested without having to pay bail.

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman, has said that this is all due to the leadership in Washington while also mentioning that, according to BREITBART:

“Unless our elected officials in Washington get the message and understand that this open border policy is a disaster, unless our state officials understand that the cashless bail laws are a disaster, our communities are going to be less safe,” Blakeman said. “Criminals are going to have more rights than victims, and that’s a disgrace, it’s a failure of leadership on all levels.”

This burglary gang is only the most recent in such crimes as a similar situation has been occurring in Washington DC between illegal aliens from South America and wealthy Asian Communities.

Read more on BREITBART.

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D. Richard Tonge
D. Richard Tonge
1 month ago

So this is national news – three people other than these people did crimnes somewhere in the USA too. A sample of 3 does not make a statistical population. Take a course in math.

1 month ago

It is news because they are illegal invaders. If they were citizens they would probably still be in jail or have to post bail. By being illegal invaders, they are released free without bail even though the actsa were felonies but only illegal invaders get a “get out of jail free” card.

1 month ago

Well, let’s bus them to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave there’s plenty of spare rooms in the White House.

1 month ago

Thanks Joe, you idiot

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