Biden – Confused Again

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

Thursday during an event Biden attended he falsely boasted about bringing gas prices and inflation down while raising income rates The event in Syracuse, New York was scheduled to promote Micron Technology’s investment in semiconductor manufacturing. Though at some point during the event Biden took the stage and rambled false statistics to the crowd. While he has insisted he has made America better, the numbers tell a different story.

During the event, Biden mentioned that he had brought gas prices down from being “over five dollars when [he] took office.” Gas was only $2.39 a gallon according to Breitbart when he took office. He was most likely referring to when gas hit $5 a gallon over the summer, but he has apparently mixed up those timelines.

Biden also mentioned the economy while on stage, talking about how it was improving. Though it is unclear as to what statistics he is referring to. A recent CNBC article detailed that most goods and services people buy have risen, and the overall inflation rate has risen by 0.4% since September.

His exact words were “inflation is down, real incomes are up, and the price of gas is down,” though gas prices are higher than when he took office, and inflation is still up. Real incomes have also fallen for the past 17 months in a row. Leaving us all wondering what Biden is talking about and where he is getting the statistics he is throwing out. Maybe the fall from that bike hit him harder than anyone realized.

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  1. Biden is a total idiot. He can’t open his mouth without telling a lie. How can we, the people of the USA, listen to his stupidity. What were they thinking when he was elected President. The forty something years he was in Congress he did not accomplish anything but raising taxes.

  2. He must think of himself as some sort of Magician because he believes that just saying something, that it magically becomes a Truth!

  3. Can we please remove this poor man from office? He is dangerous to any form of progress. I don’t think Kamala would be any better, but it’s a shot. We are stuck in neutral and beginning to go in reverse. Help.

    1. I don’t know, Pelosi is in line after that and NONE of the Biden cabinet should be trusted with anything. It took a lot of work to get so many screwed up people together in one place.

  4. Im not buying whats going on with Biden. Our border situation is turning into something that’s really critical. Biden has got to go or the same thing is going to happen to him as Mr. Pelosi. This is criminal and no matter how it gets done Biden has got to go. Close the borders now before it turns into war.

  5. Joe Biden is more concerned about the Legacy he will never have and the fact that he will be remembered as the Worst Catastrophe the Whitehouse has ever known! His Brain stopped functioning when he started with the “Madman executive orders” and he became “Drunk with power” Ice Cream, Sniffing Hair, Inappropriate Comments, Groping, Stumbling, Bumbling, Decisions made by Impulse with no forethought,
    flying by the “Seat of his soiled pants” seem to be his method of existence because he doesn’t seem to realize that Iran doesn’t need or want any ‘Deal” he has to offer and he keeps reaching out to them with nothing they want never understanding that “Insanity is defined by doing the same thing, over and over, and expecting a different result”
    He and Obama already emboldened Iran with loads of money and he removed sanctions to allow them to become richer and more able to “FUND TERROR” around the World! While China, Russia, Iran, and
    North Korea are building up their Military might, he is on “Vacation”
    Physically and Mentally!

  6. I liked what Tirus said, “it is time we stopped calling them gaffes that is his normal and instead calling when he sounds clear the gaffe.” He was so right. I may have misquoted the clear word, but words to that effect. Biden open his mouth and lies pour out.

  7. Plain and simple The person in the White House has no business being there. He thinks like Jill the Sahara Dessert is not really sand just very small bits of stone.


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