Biden Blames Republicans for What?

Joe Biden Reverses On Hyde Amendment: ‘I Support A Woman’s Right To Choose’ - Screen Shot NBC News

On Saturday President Biden cast his vote for the midterm elections early with 18-year-old granddaughter Natalie Biden. After voting Biden spoke to reporters at the polling site in Wilmington DE, blaming Republicans for inciting violence. Saying that Republican political rhetoric, aimed at mentally ill people, creates the violence in media today. He went on to say Republicans now need to take condemning violence one step further by condemning Republican colleagues.

Biden took it even further as he went on to blame Republicans for the attack on Paul Pelosi. He stated that the January 6th attack motivated the man who attacked Paul Pelosi Friday morning. Biden mentioned that he believed the attack was for Nancy Pelosi, though it is heavily theorized Paul Pelosi and his attacker knew each other. There are even questions circling that they are potential friends or something more.

Unfortunately for Biden’s theory, it seems as though the violence following many Democratic leaders is surrounding the Democratic party and staying far away from Republicans and Republican leaders.

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  1. Its coming its coming The free ice cream dream is coming Its coming to an end. I see jail time a coming Its coming round the bend. A rocky road lifetime will soon be a remember whennnn. Buck Foe Jiden. by/ Snake Hiss

  2. Late in the 2022 election, the dems, tracking behind the repubs,, even spending the treasury trillions on their pet projects to win the election and to ensure that they lead in the worldwide disasters for their globalization programs, they are still running a distant 2nd and it doesn’t look good. The repubs may just take both houses, as expected even by some of their own. in the dem party. Biden’s 54 states probably came from some comment coming from his staff or maybe Sweet Nothings that the dems had enough votes in 2020 from illegals to make 4 more states. Now the dems are wondering which ones should they split up in order to gain that advantage? Open the doors wider and let more in, North and south California, morth and south or east and west Texas and north, south, east and west Alaska. That would require Opening more border gates to fill up the new states, or bring in some territories and islands, not DC, too small and full of corruption. I would take Puerto Rico over DC any day. And I would accept any Canadian Province over the above split, especially the North East ones..

  3. Fuk that stupid mfer! Every damn horrible thing going on now is of the dumbass democraps doing! That dumb bastard doesnteven know where the fuk he’s at much less being capable of being in charge of the used to be greatest country in the world until demofukncraps like him fuked it up!! The world needs to ban ALL democraps ASAP! And hang the ones that get away!!!

  4. Your goons defunded the police because of the few bad rotten apples just like everyone else’s group has a few worms
    now taste what you created
    we are not to be blame for your signature on paper and finger pointing at us with 3 other fingers inside pointing at your soul
    suck it up and accept your choices you made

  5. WOW, some one get the KLEENEX READY, JOE you are the cause of this country going down the drain ¿? You need to be held accountable for the DESTRUCTION & the murders your causing, by your OPEN BORDER, drugs being brought into this country. RAPIST & other CRIMINALS ARE Walking into AMERICA with Your Approval at the expense of AMERICAN CITIZENS, LIVES being turned up-side down – Your wife needs to be charged with ELDERLY ABUSE , using a Demented Person, as yourself, that doesn’t even know what day it is¿? JILL only cares about Her remark saying “WE DID IT JOE” – yeah , you did it alright!!

  6. Joes complete and utter mental weakness AND his brutal desperation is laughable. He is scared of something AND we ALL know what that something is.

  7. Enjoy your damnation and punishment in hell Biden you vile disgusting brute beast steaming pile of crap! I’m so glad that all commies and democrats will suffer the vengeance of everlasting fire!

  8. It’s kind of sad to see and listen to Biden. He shows just how removed from reality he really is. As senile and demented he is, it makes him a danger to our country. There’s no telling what he may do next that will cause even more problems for this nation. He’s one of the biggest reason we really need to purge all the left wing democrats from our government before they destroy our republic and install their version of a socialist government in it’s place. With them in complete control of course.

  9. Trader Joe blaming Republicans for inciting violence? That’s really RICH! The pot… calling the kettle….


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