Has Florida Moved Out Of Swing State Territory?

With midterm election day less than a week away, many in Florida are wondering if the state will take a strong red stance. Republicans in the state are taking over as the puzzle pieces of their years of networking and building a tight coalition that could sweep the state comes to a strong point. As the state went red in both past presidential elections and the party is leading in registered voter counts it is a high possibility that Republicans have finally claimed the state.

In an unthinkable turn of events, Florida Republicans think they could realistically take Miami-Dade County which has long been a Democrat-captured area for the state. With many Latinos moving over to Republican territory it is a viable option that the county could soon belong to Republicans.

Governor Ron DeSantis, and the recent Hurricane Ian, may have helped the state with this task. As DeSantis has passed many bills Republicans are proud of and the Hurricane may have only helped DeSantis find higher approval in the south. Together DeSantis and other state Republican candidates, like Marco Rubio who is up for the reelection of his Senate seat, may find success through the way the stones were laid out for the party over the past couple of years.

AP cited that one of the biggest pushes allowing the state to potentially sway red may be the efforts of state Republicans that have erased Democratic voter registration advantages in the state. This has easily shifted voting registration allowing Republicans to lead registration by 292,533 voters in the state.

If Republicans win this election, it could very well mean a long history of red for the state. Stay tuned to see if the state can pull it off.

Read more on AP.

  1. I’ll admit we have a lot of dumbass demoCRAPs here in Florida,
    but rest assured we are a true RED STATE.


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