Race Called – Arizona

The editorial team at Trump Train News is declaring a win for Senator Mark Kelly who will retain his U.S. Senate seat and defeat Republican Blake Masters. Kelly ended Thursday with a 5 point lead that grew to nearly 115,000 votes with 82% of votes counted.

  1. I think you should hold back in making any call unless the Kari Lake team agrees with your assumption. Since they are the one that seems to believe that these over 300,000 votes that have not come in will give Blake Masters the Votes to beat Kelly.

    1. Trump Train should delete this post immediately. You’re causing MUCH confusion. There’s close to 600,000 outstanding ballots. EVERY SINGLE ballot was cast on election day, including 290,000 drop off ballots on election day. Remember that Kari Lake & Blake Masters specifically asked GOP voters to WAIT until Election Day for fear Democrats would analyze early voting returns & calculate how much they needed to shore up Democrat support. So there’s GREAT EXPECTATION these are mostly GOP votes.

      Please delete this post immediately.

  2. Get used to–Talk of EU-style Governance of the Americas.
    North American Union.
    Inter American Dialogue.
    Once you get envision the collapse of the U.S. border as an intentional strategy rather than incompetence. It all starts to make sense.

  3. This loss lies at the feet of not only the Democrat Crime Organization, but their RINO BFF China Mitch McConnell. This power mad old RINO withheld funds not only from Masters, but other Republican Candidates that would not support him next term for the Republican Senate Leadership position. As Republican Campaign Committee Chairman McConnell controls who gets funding and who doesn’t. Thanks a lot Kentucky for keeping this old RINO in office. You Republicans in the Senate need to cowboy up and make Mike Lee Senate Republican Leader.

  4. Kelly will continue to be an unquestionably reliable rubber stamp for Old Joe. I remember when John Glenn ran interference in a Senate investigation of Bill Clinton to get a shuttle ride. Real disappointing.


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