5 Things Trump Must Do To Win in 2024

Photo by Gage Skidmore

“LFG BABY!!!” Donald Trump Jr. said on social media alongside a photo and statement he posted of his father, former President Donald Trump, announcing his candidacy for president in 2024. The missive garnered over 436,700 likes in less than 24 hours. Not a bad sign, especially if one considers that Big Tech continues to censor and suppress conservative accounts despite public outcry.

That nugget aside, Trump can succeed in becoming the 2024 Republican nominee and ultimately the 47th president if he does these five things:


Elections are about the future — not what happened months or years ago. If Trump continues to dwell on the 2020 election and make unfounded assertions it was “rigged” against him, he’s history. Voters of all political stripes care about kitchen table issues affecting our families today, such as the inflated cost of groceries, record-breaking gas prices and how we will heat our homes this winter with soaring utility bills headed our way under Team Biden. Americans care about high mortgage rates stressing their budgets, rising crime sweeping the nation and lethal fentanyl seeping into our communities killing over 100,000 citizens last year. Millions of parents are concerned about the poor quality of education today, harming our children who are at the mercy of far-left teachers unions indoctrinating students with “woke” ideology rather than educating them with rudimentary basics such as math, reading, writing and science.

Voters also care about their 401(k)s and retirement accounts, the escalating cost of prescription drugs, overall decline of the U.S. health care system and many other issues impacting our lives — not what happened years ago. Hence, Trump must focus on the future by articulating his vision to fix our nation’s problems, not live in the past.


Trump is known for personal attacks against his opponents. Although that tactic may have grabbed headlines and earned him wads of free media coverage in past elections, it won’t work as effectively this time around. Today, many Americans, including moderate conservatives and independents needed to win elections, are tired of the drama. They’re not interested in childish name calling and the soap opera theatrics surrounding politics. To the contrary, we want solutions to our problems. As such, Trump must be disciplined and stay focused on policies he’ll put in place to address voters’ concerns and refrain from wallowing in personal grievances or engaging in unnecessary attacks against others, which is repelling even his once loyal supporters.


Trump can rise to the top of his party once again if he’s able to unify the Republican Party that’s in disarray after the underperforming midterm elections. Right now, the GOP is rudderless, looking for a party leader heading into the 2024 election. If Trump can unify the party and develop a cohesive strategy and messaging to win over voters, particularly independents they lost to Democrats in the midterms, that will strengthen the party and increase his chances.


These powerful and energized voter blocs don’t get enough focus from Republican candidates at their own peril. Trump must make inroads and calibrate effective messaging that appeals directly to these constituencies. What kind of president do they seek? What issues are important to them? Millions of votes, and ultimately elections, hinge on asking these basic questions and delivering the right answers.


No one likes a Debbie Downer. Trump must deliver a positive and uplifting message of hope that America’s greatest days lie ahead — not drag the country down with negativity, personal grievances or criticisms. Anybody can insult another, but what differentiates a successful political candidate from a failed one is whether he or she can uplift and inspire others. Can they earn voters’ trust and convince them they are the best candidate to solve America’s problems and lead our nation? Former President Barack Obama ran a highly successful campaign of “Hope and Change.” Voters will always seek hope, but whether they seek change will depend on whether Trump is able to adjust his sails and improve.

That remains to be seen.

Adriana Cohen is a nationally syndicated columnist with Creators Syndicate. To find out more about Adriana Cohen and read her past columns, please visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at www.creators.com.

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