An Increase In This Popular Store’s Crime Rates As Black Friday Looms

Target revealed during a Wednesday earnings call that “organized retail crime is responsible for a $400 million reduction in gross profit this year compared to 2021.” Target’s Chief Financial Officer Michael Fiddelke stressed the company’s profit loss has only worsened within the last 12 to 18 months, as crime skyrockets across the country. Though this phenomenon is nowhere near exclusive to just Target as the National Retail Federation (NRF) reported in September that fraud is rising in most retailers through in-store, e-commerce, and on omni-channel. The NRF has also said that the challenges with labor shortages, employee retention and hiring, and COVID-related precautions have contributed to the violence and hostility stores have seen through retail crime.

This revelation comes only a week before the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday. As the holiday has seen a slowdown due to COVID, the NRF is expecting a popularity boost in the holiday this year. It is expected that the weekend, from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, will see an increase in potential shoppers from the last three years, from 165.3M in 2019, 156.6M in 2020, and 158.3M in 2021 to 166.3M this year. Boosting expectant shopper numbers by at least 1 million. Though on Black Friday alone it is excepted for stores to have a total of 114.9M potential shoppers.

This leaves stores on high alert as crime continues to spike at this crucial time. As traditionally Black Friday sales can get violent and crazy, leaving room for increased crime and an opening for theft.

Read more on Newsmax and NRF.

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7 days ago

Remember this is one of the major corp went with WOKE crowd to defund the BLUE last year enjoy the ANTIFA AND BLM terrorist gang to burn and sack business in the liberal mayors stronghold? what goes around comes around. TARGET just wants taxpayer to pay their losses.

M French
M French
7 days ago

Target needs to hire off duty police officers for every store!!!

7 days ago

When you give people the OK to take what they want with no Punishment for their crime and tie the hands of the cops what do you expect we need to go back to Law and Order but the ones who do not want that are the ones that fools have running the country; I laugh every time Chicago PD comes on if they really had cops like that there would be no crime but Lori would not allow that

6 days ago

This is why it’s happening just like in ALL WALGREENS etc…… I’ve have literally stood by and watch these thieves steal and put the merchandise in back packs! I went to the supervisor and she went to her manager and he told her there’s nothing they can do! I was in disbelief back in our day your would get arrested and held accountable. This is why many Walgreens have shut down. Ppl steal groceries from our Meijers and they can’t hold them accountable. So YES THIS IS WHY THESE CRIMINALS KEEP DOING THIS. Nothing these retailers can do. So we the customers pay the price. Well let’s hope that these politicians will take charge and change this BS!

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