Breaking News: New Poll Numbers Released in Walker/Warnock Race

The Georgia Senate runoff race is between Herschel Walker (R) and Raphael Warnock (D). The runoff election will be on December 6. Many notable names are coming out in droves for this expensive election. Former President Obama will come to Georgia on December 1 to throw his support behind Raphael Warnock. Obama has campaigned very little. This move signals that Obama campaigning for Warnock is a big move for Democrats to win this Senate seat. Former President Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis have united to support Herschel Walker. Today, poll numbers were released to show the status of the race. More help needs to rush in to help Herschel Walker. Time is of the essence.

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15 days ago

The Blexit organization really should go to Atlanta and ask blacks there to reconsider whether Warnock’s extremist Democrat politics have really helped them.

jay jones
jay jones
15 days ago

Can’t let Obuma and his Hollywood elite come in and buy this election!!! He has his
hands in way to much already trying to continue transforming this country into what
he wants!!!! Just look at the disaster that he masterminded using Puppet Biden
already!!!! Take a look around ….this country is crumbling and will continue if
nothing is done to stop it!!!! If its not….the freedoms, the rights, our safety, our
choices, our money will evaporate right before us. Incompetent’s are running our
country and making all the decisions on our behalf which makes no sense. We need
to turn back the clock to a more calm time in our country…’s very sad to watch it’s
demise right in front of us now……nothing is sacred anymore it seems like….each day
another crisis…….

14 days ago

Of course the thief Obama would support the slum lord Warnock. That’s what they want for everyone.

11 days ago

looks like a lot there love crime And that preacher sure dont sound like he even KNOWS God when i hear him

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