All the Never-Trumpers Attacking Trump’s 2024 Run (So Far)

President Donald Trump giving remarks in the White House Rose Garden on May 30, 2020. Via Wikimedia Commons.

Just one week after the November 8 midterm elections, 45th President Donald J. Trump announced his run for another term as president in 2024. Immediately following his announcement, many Never-Trumpers already announced their opposition to his third run for the presidency. Here are all the Republicans bucking his 2024 campaign:

  1. Trump 2024 best president America has ever had in all the Communists that don’t think so should move to North Korea with their worthless families were they kids celebrate Christmas and be happy

  2. People have a tendency to forget the ”Good” but have no problem remembering the “BAD” So We the People have to accentuate the POSITIVE and remember what President Trump did to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN from employment to the economy to energy independence and attitude, while watching the Bumbling, Stumbling Administration that is Lying to WE THE PEOPLE as they SELL OUT AMERICA and DESTROY ALL THE PROSPERITY AND GOOD WILL AND RESPECT THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP ESTABLISHED FOR US
    Never Forget the Destruction that Biden has done and is still doing


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