MEDIA MELTDOWN: Left-Wing Journalists Outraged After Musk Responds To Their Support Of Doxxing

Photo edit of Elon Musk/Twitter. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta
Photo edit of Elon Musk/Twitter. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta

Following new Twitter CEO Elon Musk going after Jack Sweeney, a college student and programmer who has been tracking Musk’s private jet for years, many journalists on Twitter thought it would be clever to post the link to his website in an attempt to circumvent the doxxing punishment by Musk.

Sweeney doesn’t only keep the whereabouts of Musk by tracking the flights and location of his jet, but also publicly updates his Twitter following.

Astonished, the tens of journalists who posted the link to Sweeney’s website all found themselves suspended from Twitter for seven days. The punishment should not have been a surprise, especially from the left-wing journalists who hypocritically supported unprecedented bannings throughout the Trump presidency.

Donie O’Sullivan from CNN, Drew Harwell from The Washington Post, Ryan Mac from the New York Times, Aaron Rupar, and Keith Olberman, and Toby Webster are a handful of the top names who were temporarily suspended following their attempt to spread links containing Elon Musk’s private jet.

CNN has since reported that they will be considering ‘reevaluating’ their relationship with Twitter as a result of Musk’s ‘censorship.’ Of course, these are the same people who believe that all right-wing political language leads to violence and were more than content with Trump remaining off of Twitter. For them not to understand the real-world threat of being able to track someone’s whereabouts in real-time is beyond hypocritical.

As Axios reports, “There’s never been an attempt by a major social media platform to suspend so many journalists all at once.” However, there have never been so many journalists attempting to dox someone all at once, therefore, the mass suspensions aren’t out of the blue – when they all risked their Twitter accounts in the same way, they should all expect a similar result.


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