Kamala Harris Aids Claim She Was The Biggest Winner Of Midterms

Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia commons

Kamala Harris aids have stated Harris was the “biggest winner of the midterm elections.” Several aids have mentioned a few things that have better positioned Harris heading into the next half of her Vice Presidency. After Democrats took the majority in Senate, she was let off the hook for tie-breaking votes, and with a more likely Biden 2024 run Harris has been put on the media back burner surrounding a run of her own. Both of which, her aids, believe will help her for the next two years.

According to Fox News:

“Now that it looks like he’s running, she’s really being treated like what I would call a ‘normal vice president,’” a former Harris aide, who remained anonymous, told Politico. “There’s just less attention, which I think actually frees her up to focus on excelling and not have to worry about the relentless scrutiny.”

Harris’ aides and allies also expressed frustration over media coverage and headlines in her first two years of office, according to Politico.

“You were dealing with events that were impacting people, whether it’s Covid or [whatever], but the coverage is, ‘Yeah … but she just made a misstep here that could hurt her chances in [2024],’” another anonymous aide told the outlet.

Harris complained at the end of 2022 that the media was not treating her fairly.

“There are things that I’ve done as vice president that fully demonstrate the strength of my leadership as vice president that have not received the kind of coverage that I think [the] Dobbs [decision] did receive,” Harris told liberal Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart at the end of December.

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  2. Oh you mean, they way they’ve treated her 5000% better than Trump is still bad for her. Yea, right that is it. Or perhaps her most powerful weapon, the one between her legs, is no longer a viable way to continue up the ladder. Everyone now knows that so many Richards have been there, it’s probably worn out and has a gift that keeps on giving. Unable to use that weapon, she is useless. Hence her utter and complete disappearance in the news.


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