More Quid Pro Quo By Hunter and Joe

Today on your Hollywood minute, Amanda discusses the great Biden scandal – with a reference back to this TTN article. Specifically, Amanda discusses Kathy Chung – Biden’s executive secretary when he was Vice President for about five years until the end of his time as VP. The release of information from Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed that Hunter Biden is the one who recommended Chung get the job. In a released strand of emails between the two, it can be seen that Hunter and Kathy talked discussed the job and Joe Biden’s schedule after she was in her position. Though what makes this extremely juicy is in 2015 Kathy arranged a luncheon with China’s President Xi, which Joe Biden attended. Though at this time, there were MANY donations from Chinese nationals to the Penn Biden Center. And while we heard many conversations about quid pro quo during the Obama administration with the Clinton’s, now we may have a second coming – this time with the Biden’s.

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