Mayor Adams Pleads for Biden to Address Migrant Crisis

Photo by Krystalb97 via Wikimedia Commons

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said on Wednesday that there is absolutely “no more room” for asylum seekers in his city as Republican governors continue to send immigrants by the thousands. Adams spoke to Politico and told them, “We’re at that point,” when referencing his cities inability to take on more migrants. “At the same time, we’re going to continue to do our moral and legal obligation. Whoever comes to the city — you’re not seeing individuals sleeping on the streets with families — because we’re continuing to pivot and shift as needed” he added.

Adams insisted that “the White House must ensure the immediate needs, that cities that are impacted receive the support they deserve.” He specifically wants the federal government to provide $2 billion to the budget of the city as well as relax work requirements for asylum seekers. Biden has ignored these requests which has led Adams to turn to New York  Gov. Kathy Hochul. But Hochul has also ignored these requests and during her State of the State speech on Tuesday she made no mention of the migrant crisis. “I was focusing on my key signature areas that have broad, statewide interest — housing, mental health challenges, child care, and the minimum wage,” the governor said

This past weekend, El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser hosted Adams at the Texas border, where the mayor implored FEMA to respond to the crisis as well. Adams has pointed at other cities who are also suffering due to the migrant influx, like Washington D.C. “Mayor Bowser has made it clear she’s dealing with her own housing crisis To allow and have an influx of migrant seekers is impacting her right here in our nation’s capital,” he said. Adams will meet with other mayors at a conference this week to discuss how cities can help other cities that that are overwhelmed.

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  2. 2022 Population of Martha’s Vineyard MA is 17,000 – Number of Temporary Illegal Migrants 50 = Democrats declare Humanitarian Crisis requiring immediate US Military removal.

    2022 Population of New York City, New York is 8,930,002 – Number of Illegal migrants 17,000 = Democrats declare State of Emergency.

    2022 Population of Laredo, Texas is 259,027 – Number of Illegal migrants Over 203,597 per month = Democrats say Shut up and live with it.

  3. Evidently, the “transparency” promised by our current POTUS, refers to the connected elite sycophants demands for disaster support tribute, in exchange for their support of the disastrous engineered border invasion. Rest assured that no such support will be forthcoming for the border states shouldering the bulk of the burden of the insane lack of attention to the disaster.

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