National Archives Dismissed Previous Document Mishandling Claims

This article first appeared on Trump Train News, here. Added is Amanda Head of The Hollywood Conservative’s perspective.

Today in a Hollywood minute Amanda discusses the National Archives and their previous dismissal of claims that all Documents from the Obama-Biden administration had been handled correctly. Coming only weeks before the first set of documents were “found” in an office Biden had occupied. They said they had been held in a secure location, but it DOESN’T MATTER. Joe Biden was the Vice President he did not have the ability to declassify anything – no matter where they were. Now we are learning that 3 letter agencies knew what was going on and let it happen without any crazy raids. Is this all just Democrats trying to push Biden out? Or did Joe Biden knowingly move classified documents to his home where his son was living? Could it all be happening at the same time? Amanda seems to think both things could be happening together – but that at least for sure, we know Joe Biden is a corrupt crook who Amanda believes could have very well done what he did on purpose and it just so happens that Democrats could be trying to push him out.

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