Judge Opens Hearing On Georgia Probe Into Trump

President Donald Trump giving remarks in the White House Rose Garden on May 30, 2020. Via Wikimedia Commons.

Tuesday an Atlanta judge will convene a hearing to decide on if they should release the special grand jury report into Donald Trump. The case pertains to the 2020 election and ultimately whether or not President Trump should face charges. The judge is said to be hearing arguments for both sides during the hearing. This comes after the special grand jury in the state spent 7 months creating their final report – which is likely to include some summary of their work, and recommendations based on those findings.

According to The Guardian,

The jurors have recommended making the report public, and Fani Willis, the district attorney in Fulton county, which encompasses Georgia’s capital, is using its findings to determine whether to bring charges in the investigation, which has centered on the attempts by top Trump allies like attorney Rudy Giuliani and senator Lindsey Graham to convince state officials to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in the state. It’s unclear if Willis is considering charges against Trump in the case. Attorneys for the former president said yesterday they will not attend the hearing, and that Trump has not committed any crimes.

According to CNN, Trump’s attorneys will not be participating in the hearing Tuesday. Though,

The judge will have to weigh the public’s interest in learning about efforts to interfere in the last presidential election against concerns that making the information public could hinder an ongoing investigation if the district attorney is pursuing indictments and that the release could disparage individuals who have not been charged with crimes.

  1. Georgia was one of the places with a fishy result – a blood-red State goes Democrat by narrow margins after extended “counting”. Where have I seen that before? Like Maricopa County, AZ, and Philadelphia, PA, for example? Where people “elected” a non-campaigner and a brain-damaged stroke victim. This shady voting will be the end of our Republic if it is not stopped, and the Judiciary seems to be the protectors of the fraud.

    1. Well said! Joe Biden even said on television that
      “The democrat party now has the biggest voter fraud organization that ever existed in America.”
      For once he told the truth! People could see all the fraud in real time!! Now we have seen what happens in a stolen election when an unqualified dementia man is running the country! They need to investigate Joe The Big Guy for those documents that wound up all over the place especially in the office with Chinese ties
      The Biden’s became very rich!! Come on Georgia, enough! Trump was the best president we’ve had since Reagan and he cleaned up Obama and Biden’s mess! Now investigate the Biden Cartel!

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