LOL Pam Anderson Is Uncomfortable with Nudity

Today in a Hollywood minute Amanda discusses Pamela Anderson. As it seems she has reached the end of relevancy she seems to have a few new going-ons. She is launching a new memoir ‘Love, Pamela,’ in which she talks about her relationship with Tommy Lee and made a claim. She claimed that on her first day of filming for Home Improvements, Tim Allen flashed her in the hall. Allen has however denied the allegations in a statement made to USA Today, Allen said “no, it never happened. I would never do such a thing.” This is what people need to start doing in the face of allegations. Deny explicitly. Amanda mentioned that women are people and people lie. So could this be an attempt to claw back some relevance, or maybe she’s misremembering, or maybe it did happen. It is just an odd situation, especially when she found the situation to be uncomfortable when she has been flashing the rest of us for nearly decades.

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