Trump Could Be Indicted Within Days

Trump as he holds an event. Photo by Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia

Trump could be indicted within days

A liberal Georgia prosecutor investigating former President Donald Trump’s comments to officials after losing the state in the 2020 presidential elections revealed in court she may soon announce whether to charge him.

“Decisions are imminent,” Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis informed a Georgia trial court judge Robert McBurney during a hearing on whether to release the findings of the “special purpose grand jury” Willis called to probe Trump on accusations of attempting to somehow overturn the election result.

“In this case, the state understands the media’s inquiry and the world’s interest. But we have to be mindful of protecting future defendants’ rights,” said Willis.

Willis could charge Trump or others with alleged crimes.

In a Jan. 2 phone call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, Trump told Raffensperger he needed to “find” votes to overcome the gap by which he trailed Democrat nominee Joe Biden.

While many state Trump’s comment referenced unproven claims that thousands of votes for Trump were disallowed and should be added to vote totals, liberals contend it was an order to fabricate votes.

Willis, a liberal activist elected district attorney, convened a special grand jury to interrogate Trump officials to determine what criminal charges may be brought.

That grand jury concluded in early January, and recommended its findings be made public.

Willis could use the grand jury’s findings to file charges against Trump and others, or decline to bring a case.

The hearing was considering a motion filed by several media outlets seeking the findings’ release.  An attorney for the plaintiffs noted that in other criminal cases grand jury findings have been released even though the targets are being charged.

  1. In the end Trump will probably be exonerated of charges, but these trump haters will hound this man to his grave maybe even drive him into bankruptcy with all these frivolous legalities. That is the sad truth…

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