Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders Delivered This GOP State of the Union Rebuttal

Photo of the Governor of Arkansas, Sarah Huckabee Sanders speaking to a crowd. Photo/The Hill/Screenshot

Tonight after President Biden gave his mandatory State of the Union address to the nation, two Republicans gave rebuttals. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Arkansas’s newly elected Governor gave her rebuttal directly after Biden finished his speech. In her speech, the Governor was predicted early on after being tapped for the rebuttal that she would focus on age and refreshing the GOP. As she is half the president’s age it gives her a perfect opportunity to continue her campaign message of “usher[ing] in a new generation of the GOP.”

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After Biden’s second State of the Union address and one of his longest speeches to date, Governor Sanders took the stage to give the GOP rebuttal. Governor Sanders started off strong, stating she didn’t believe much of what Biden had said in his State of the Union. She hit on the point we knew she would cover, that being the Government needs a refresh.

She shared a personal story, about her journey with thyroid cancer and her mom’s journey with cancer and how those instances in her life required faith and perseverance in the face of unknown – just as America requires now. She then went onto compared her success to Biden’s failure with the woke movement. She stated that as she has started her first term as Governor, the youngest Governor in the country, she has taken back the state for the people comparing that to Biden’s surrender of the country to the woke left – especially highlighting Biden’s age.

She made sure to hit on spending, the boarder crisis, and the Fentanyl crisis. And related to parents who had lost their children due to drug overdoses and the blame the board has on that terrible tragedy. She also stated that “President Biden’s weakness puts the nation and the world at risk,” in mentioning these crises he has dropped the ball on. Even in his refusal to stand up to China, and boarder issues Sanders said is reason enough to show he is unfit to lead this country.

Sanders also hit on education. Announcing a new education plan for her state. One that would be the most far reaching of its kind. She stated it would raise salaries and empower kids. Providing children with an education, regardless of their race or income, is important today. Though not only will this change Arkansas but she feels it will put children across the country on the path to success.

Sanders also hit on her time in the Trump administration, and a time when Trump and his administration visited troops in Iraq during Christmas as the troops fought against ISIS. She remembered that this was a time she hopped she never would forget as she saw America being brought together. As the troops and the trip to see them brought the Trump administration and the troops there that day closer together. She then brought that back to Biden and his failure to the American people, as how we are yet again under attack.

Though as her speech came to an end, Sanders brought it all back to driving the “new generation” idea home. Mentioning that this generation can and will change the country for the better if they take the reigns and make the changes necessary for the future.

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Top Moments from Sanders’ Rebuttal:

  • Sanders called Biden crazy three times.
  • She really hit the point of the “new generation” home.
  • Sanders discusses the left wing culture war on America and Biden’s unfitness to govern the country and protect it’s citizens against the wokeness.
  • She made a special point of saying the GOP would hold Biden accountable.

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