Trump’s Response To The State of the Union – The Real SOTU

Edit of President Donald Trump speaking, just as he did last night in "the real SOTU." Photo edit/Alexander J. Williams III/ Pop Acta
Edit of President Donald Trump speaking, just as he did last night in "the real SOTU." Photo edit/Alexander J. Williams III/ Pop Acta

After Biden’s State of the Union address, POTUS 45 gave what he described as “the real State of the Union.” In just under 2 minutes President Trump highlighted the failures Biden has pushed onto the United States, after Trump left the seat. He spoke on the boarder crisis, the drug crisis, the release of criminals back into society, spending, inflation, gas prices, and the absolution corruption that is Biden and his presidency. Though he turned it all around at the end of the speech to say all of this can and will be reversed. He mentioned that his run for presidency in 2024 is to finish the goal of making America great again.

In just the past two years under Biden, Trump stated that “millions and millions of illegal aliens from 160 different countries have stormed across our southern boarder.” This has created a number of issues. As with the illegals issues related to drugs have become even worse. Trump said the drug cartels are “racking in billions of dollars,” and poisoning our people and children.

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He also talked about the crime rate, and how the murder rate is higher than it has ever been in our history. He mentioned criminals, even violent ones are being released and put back out onto the streets to commit more crimes.

In terms of money, Trump mentioned that Biden has caused the worst inflation in half a century. He has wasted billions of dollars, and ruined day-to-day living for Americans. By wasting billions of dollars and rising inflation, Biden has raised prices of just about everything, and then some. Even real wages are down, for the last 21 months in a row.

Biden’s Biggest Talking Points From The State of the Union

In the two minute speech, Trump gave each of his points strongly. Not holding back or attempting to let Biden have a moment with his speech. Unlike the other Republican rebuttals and their attempt at giving hope for the future without discussing policies, Trump went in hard and didn’t let up. He verbalized exactly what Americans have been seeing in the country in the last two years all in the matter of 2 minutes – and he did so only to highlight a vision for the future. Having already announced his bid for 2024 he was able to hit on each issue that needs fixing, while promising to work on those to achieve a better future.

Trump also gave a play-by-play on his Truth Social account during the State of the Union last night.

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