McCarthy Critic Gives The Speaker An ‘A’!

Edit of Kevin McCarthy. The speaker of the house who went through fifteen votes in order to advance as speaker. Photo edit/ Alexander J. Williams III/ Pop Acta

Today in a Hollywood minutes, Amanda discusses the State of the Union and Speaker McCarthy. First off how did you feel about Biden’s performance at the SOTU? Since he hasn’t done much in office there really wasn’t much to report on in the yearly address, making it very bland. As he is dead set on running again in 2024 you would think he would have wanted to have something to report on but here we are. Now lets talk about Speaker McCarthy’s performance. While a lot of us were critical of McCarthy doing those House Speaker votes it wasn’t without reason. Especially when you look at his voting record, his behavior, and his comments on Donald Trump in the past. Though one of the Representatives, who did not vote for him once throughout the fifteen votes, has now turned a new leaf perhaps. Matt Gaetz, who did not vote for McCarthy as speaker has come out to give McCarthy an ‘A’ for his work so far in the new session in congress. An interesting switch up, don’t you think? What were your thoughts on the SOTU and McCarthy as speaker.

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