Joe Biden’s Age Problem

Biden speaking at event. Screenshot via C-SPAN.

In a Hollywood minute Amanda discusses a political strategy for Joe Biden. Biden is 80 years old, and while it’s no surprise he is just old. While we have had old presidents before, and probably will after Joe Biden, there is a difference between old presidents and incapable presidents. Ronald Reagan, who was just 7 years younger than Joe Biden when running for the presidency had the mental capacity to turn a situation around and make his points clear and concise. Showing it isn’t exactly age it is instead mental capacity that matters. Now even CNN is questioning the president. Though they have a plan, through using young people, to vouch for the President and his vitality.

  1. When they start saying again, “Ladies and Gentlemen” at online work, then I will return, but not until then! Florida is a common sense rn-03 conservative state where most people have brains!
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  2. Well…there are a lot of people around the country with brains but without any leadership they don’t bother to make a stand.

    Joe, and I’ve been aware of him from the beginning of his long Senatorial history, has been on the wrong side of almost everything he appears to be “for” these days as the illegitimate President by hiding in the basement. (he’ll get 181 million votes for retiring before he’ll ever get more votes than anyone else in history) From my watch, he is just not very smart and goes along with the crowd. His only singular characteristic is the propensity to put on the “tough guy” show like “taking Trump behind the building” supposedly for a beating. Even if it were true, which it is not, it is not a display of good character unless he was the “bully beater” which he most certainly is not. The only surprise about Joe is that he has gotten away with mafia style family behavior quietly, that he is still alive, and can read lines that well. Even if they are mistakenly done and pretty funny.

    I’m tired of wasting any time seeing his stupidity on tv and ready for a race between real candidates!

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