Campaign Finance Experts Start Witch Hunt Against Trump PAC Spending

President Donald Trump giving remarks in the White House Rose Garden on May 30, 2020. Via Wikimedia Commons.

Now that former President Trump has announced his third run for the White House he may not be able to carry on the way he has been. Through the use of a PAC, set up for fighting against anti-Trump and anti-MAGA agendas, Trump’s team used a chunk of the funds to pay for legal fees associated with the 2020 election, investigations, witnesses, and raids. Now campaign finance experts are aiming to cut Trump’s PAC spending.

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According to a new report from The New York Times, money that paid Trump’s legal bills over the past two years came from over $16 million of his PAC, Save America, spent on legal-related payments in 2021 and 2022. And while some of that money went to pay lawyers who represented witnesses in investigations related to Trump efforts $10 million of it went directly to firms who represented Trump in multiple situations. Though now a few campaign finance experts are raising questions about the legal challenges Trump could face if he remains using PAC funds for personal bills.

According to The New York Times,

According to some campaign finance experts, having the PAC continue to pay his legal bills now that he is a candidate would be seen as a contribution to him, and therefore be subject to legal limits.

“Payments by a PAC that exceed the contribution limit are contributions to the candidate and are unlawful,” said Jason Torchinsky, a campaign finance expert and lawyer with the firm Holtzman Vogel, referring to the limit on individual donations to candidates, which is set at $3,300 for the current two-year political cycle.

Adav Noti, of the Campaign Legal Center, a group that has called on the Federal Election Commission to more strictly enforce the rules on personal use of campaign donations, called what is permissible a “gray area.” The Federal Election Commission has yet to provide the guidance on the issue that campaign finance experts have sought.

While the money was raised to fight for Trump’s cause, which is what it has been doing – especially as he has used a good chunk of the money to fight against the 2020 election results, these new claims seek to stop the president from using funds to just what it was created to do. The PAC was set up with the content that the money would not directly relate to supporting a future candidacy. So how is he supposed to use the money and what is he supposed to spend the money on, if it is not fighting against anti-Trump ideals?

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Missing the point of the PAC, and its raised money, many are looking to strike Trump and make him use the funds for his candidacy in such a way it would limit the funds from being used.

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