Biden Makes This Shocking Comment at Black History Month Event

Biden speaking at event. Screenshot via C-SPAN.

President Biden made a controversial declaration on Monday during a Black History Month event. This statement, made at a White House reception, has since gone viral. Biden boasted his knowledge of the Divine Nine historical Black fraternities and sororities. Since his comments, Twitter has exploded.

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Monday Biden said,

“I may be a White boy, but I’m not stupid,” Biden said, as the crowd laughed. “I know where the power is. You think I’m joking? I learned a long time ago about the Divine Nine.”

This has caused an uproar over race concerns. Many have called Biden out over his comment implying White people are stupid, or that White people are the only ones who can be racist.

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X Strategies LLC Senior Digital Strategist Greg Price tweeted Biden’s comment,

Steve Guest, a Special Adviser for Communications for Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, replied to Greg Price’s Tweet with a previous racially controversial comment Biden made when running against President Trump.

The comments go on from there, varying in reaction. Many are unsurprised by the President’s recent idiotic statement. While others are stunned by the President’s comments about his own race and the implications of that in bringing the country together.

This latest comment Monday comes just less than two weeks after Biden sparked controversy for referring to Maryland’s newest Governor, and first Black governor, Wes Moore as “boy.”

  1. Yeah, well for those who don’t know look up Senator Bryd and what he was then remember the Dems were his party and buddies including Brandon

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  3. Biden just continues to ruin America. This one is just keeping up the race divide created by Obama. The minute Obama took the stage and said he could have been Trevon Martin’s dad, the race issues all came back. Before Obama’s racist comment we were past race issues.

    I was around for the race wars in the 60’s and remember Marshall Law in our city. It was super scary. But we were raised to like all people no matter of race, color or creed. We were also raised to know that bad people are from every race color and creed.

    Please stop furthering the divide in our county. It’s also horrible how we are being divided by generations. The younger people seem to dislike any generation other than their own. There’s zero respect and kindness.


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