Sen. Marsha Blackburn Rails Against CCP: “We Will Not Let You Take Our Freedoms Away”

CPAC 2023. Photo Credit: Popacta.

At CPAC on Thursday, Sen. Marsha Blackburn took to the stage and railed against China and the CCP. In an interview with Sara Carter of the Sara Carter show, Senator Blackburn lit up the stage with her accusations against China. She covered many points of how China is taunting the United States- from the Chinese spy balloon to TikTok to crypto currency and land purchases.

Chinese Spy Balloon: Sen. Blackburn accused Biden of not respecting the sovereignty of our U.S. borders. Inserting words into the CCP’s mouth, she said, “Well they’re not respecting their own borders, so why should we?” Truer words have never been spoken. Since Biden took office, drug cartels and illegal immigrants have flooded into the United States. It’s an epidemic. China sees a weak protector of the U.S., and they are preying on that. Biden is the sheep. China is the tiger.

TikTok: Sen. Blackburn told the audience at CPAC to get off of TikTok immediately! More important, to get the kids and grandkids off of TikTok. China is capturing the images of our children and grandchildren. They are recreating our children – copy/paste. They are following our children’s keystrokes and sending OUR children where THEY want them to go. Horrifying.

Crypto Currency: The CCP is taunting us by toying with crypto currency. It is unveling it’s own digital currency. This will affect the world on an economic platform.

Land Purchases: China is purchasing land throughout the United States. AT LEAST 200,000 miles of U.S. land has been purchased by the CCP – also near our 150 ICBM’s outside of Malstrom Air Base in Montana!

China Taunts:
China has taunted the United States with the spy balloon, TikTok, and crypto currency. It is taunting the Philippines and Pacific Island nations. China must be stopped.

WE WILL STAND UP FOR OUR FREEDOM! Senator Blackburn told the CPAC audience that we must stand against the CCP! She said, “We are the UNITED States of America. We have the greatest military on the face of the Earth. We value freedom and we will NOT let China take away our FREEDOM!”

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  3. Paul Ryan Staying away from CPAC is a very good idea! Paul Ryan is nothing more than a RINO whose intent was to demolish America and side with the Democrats! Paul Ryan is another Mitt Romney! Ryan is a total disgrace to our country in my opinion. Marsha Blackburn hit the nail on the head. I personally would love to see Donald J. Trump pick Kristi Noem as his VP candidate. Kristi actually does everything for her people in South Dakota exactly what Donald was doing for the American people. I personally feel that would be a match in heaven! Niki Haley to me is a climber rather than performing the way Kristi Noem has done. I do believe that Niki Haley should try for a Senatorial position to take the place of an intrenched Democrat or RINO. I would love to see Desantis take on another run as the Governor of Florida and then eventually become a Senator or Congressman in place of a Democrat.


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