Trump WANTS Handcuffs And Perp Walk – Turn Arrest Into A “Spectacle”

Alexander J. Williams. Pop Acta

According to Forbes, President Trump has told his advisors he wants his potential arrest to be a public “spectacle.” Including handcuffs and a perp walk – the whole nine yards. While we know the left is deep in a witch hunt against Trump what is Trump’s strategy? Using the situation to his advantage, of course.

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According to Forbes, the New York Times and the Guardian have both reported on Trump’s plans.

Trump has told associates that he “wants to be handcuffed” when he’s arraigned in court after being indicted, the Guardian reports based on anonymous sources, noting the ex-president’s “increasing insistence that he wants to be handcuffed behind his back for a perp walk.”

The Times, also citing anonymous sources, reports Trump “welcomes the idea” of being led past the media and has considered whether he should “smile” for the cameras, noting he’s described the media circus as “a fun experience.”

Remember this witch hunt isn’t just the left coming after Trump – it is the left inherently coming after YOU. Trump wants us to see him being arrested, and taken in. Because it is only the beginning and is a visual representation of the left coming after the MAGA base. This is bigger than Trump and we all know it.

Will Trump Be Arrested?

Getting him for this hush-money case is a scapegoat. As we know in history there have been multiple confirmed cases of Democrat figures paying off women to keep their images squeaky clean. No matter what Trump knew or did, the left isn’t after the truth, and let’s be honest they don’t care about the truth. Instead, they care about ending Trump and silencing his supporters.

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  2. that orange jumpsuit should be on Clinton, the Bidens, Fauci, Soros and the rest of them for their treason, corruption and obstruction of justice. This just proves that the justice system is nothing more than the KGB for the swamp and if they can get to Trump then the rest of us may as well bend over and kiss our a** good bye

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