Polls Change In Wake Of Potential Trump Arrest News

Photo of Amanda Head during the latest video.

In a Hollywood minute, Amanda discusses Ron DeSantis. More people than ever are buzzing about DeSantis running in 2024. But it’s a TERRIBLE idea. A terrible idea for his political future. If he runs he won’t beat Trump in the primary and he will lose ALL of Trump’s base in the future. It would be INCREDIBLY near-sighted to even think of launching that bid. A new Rasmussen poll has stated that 52% have softened in their views of the former president, aka Trump. While President Biden was only able to muster a 46% approval rating. And among Republicans President Trump took 79% support from the party, wiping out all other potential 2024 GOP opponents. Though Ron DeSantis hasn’t declared, it might be best he sits this one out.

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  1. DeSantis should protect President Trump by NOT allowing the extradition of President Trump to NYC!

  2. Trump and DeSantis need to set aside whatever issues lie between them and unite as a team for the 2024 Presidential Election. Trump managed some miracles of helping improve the Nation and it’s Citizens lot during his first term. I know if re-elected he will hit the ground running to pull this nation back from the edge of another Great Depression. I just think we need DeSantis at his side helping and preparing to takeover in 2028. This could potentially give us 12 years of Republican control of the White House. We may need it by the time Jan. 2025 rolls around to end this train wreck we’re looking at.

  3. I rally like DeSantis, but I have to agree that he ‘sit this one out’ and hopefully Trump can survive the liberal onslaught that is surely to come.

  4. President Trump with his past experience and Governor DeSantis should find the way to come together and campaign together for the 2024 Presidential election!!! The only down side would be that Florida would lose their Great Governor DeSantis!!!


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