Biden Finds Someone Who Understands Him: “I like babies better than people”

Biden and Rep. Gomez's son having a brief meeting after Biden's speech in the East Room Wednesday. Photo/Fox/Nathan Howard/Bloomberg via Getty Images

During a speech at the White House Wednesday, President Biden told a crowd that he likes “babies better than people” as a crying baby interrupted him. Wednesday the White House was celebrating the 13th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, when the baby began crying in the East Room. The baby came to the White House event with his father Representative Jimmy Gomez, D-California, who has continued to pick inappropriate times to bring his child to work.

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Biden stopped his speech on Obamacare to say,

“That’s alright, we like babies.”

“You don’t have to worry about it. It’s okay. It’s alright.”

“As a matter of fact, I like babies better than people.”

These new comments from Biden come just one day after his latest speech slip up. During a Women’s History Month speech held in the same room just the day before Biden called for a ban on assault weapons, but said America needs to “keep guns out of the hands of domestic political advisers,” when it was assumed he meant to say domestic terrorists.

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Not sure how much longer we will have to piece together our President’s speeches to make sense or have to assume he meant certain things in speeches. At least Biden’s affinity for babies is easy to understand. He most likely likes them as much as he says because he and babies have one thing in common, a lack of cohesive speech and communication.

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As for Rep. Gomez’s baby this isn’t his first high-profile political outing. Gomez took his son to the House vote in January when he tweeted a picture of his son on the Democratic clock room floor between votes and a diaper change. At the time he had not been the only Representative to bring his child to the speaker vote, however many were criticized for bringing babies to the Congress floor.

After Biden was finally able to finish his speech he somehow found his way to Representative Gomez, where he got to meet Gomez’s son and have a brief conversation that potentially only they understood.

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  1. No, it was Rip VAn Winkle who completely understands him. He’s been asleep almost as much time as Rip.
    This guy is a total loser.

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