Trump’s Historical Day of Arraignment – Silenced Free Speech is Deafening

President Trump arrived in Manhattan, New York yesterday from Mar-a-Lago. He could be seen waving to his supporters with a stoney face that showed what weighs heavy on his heart. The day of his arraignment has arrived.

He’s Ticked Off
Starting last night and into this morning, he blasted the commie left on Truth Social and attacked the criminalization of the justice system- all before a Manhattan judge tells silences him with a gag order. When a judge issues a gag order, they are legally demanding that the recipient of the gag order cannot speak about the trial. The gag orders can last for the time of the trial or indefinitely. If President Trump is issued a gag order, then he will NOT be able to legally discuss the corruption in the criminal justice system. If President Trump chooses to talk about the corrupted criminal justice system AFTER a gag order has been issued, then he could land in jail for 30 days with a fee of $1,000 according to New York law. All before he has a chance to prove his innocence by trial in a court of law!


Insanity: Trump Could be in Prison for 30 Days BEFORE His Trial

TV Coverage?
A judge presiding over Donald Trump’s arraignment in a Manhattan courthouse Tuesday afternoon has denied a request from media outlets to allow cameras to cover live courtroom proceedings, according to court documents. New York Supreme Court Judge Juan Merchan said the court would allow a “limited number” of videographers, photographers and radio journalists to be present but denied the motion to allow photos or live video during the court session. However, five pool photographers will be allowed to take pictures for several minutes before the hearing begins. Merchan went on to affirm that members of the media will be allowed to enter the courtroom, but electronic items like cellphones would not be permitted. “The use of cellphones, laptops or any electronic devices will be strictly prohibited in the courtrooms. Any such devices will have to be turned off and secured outside of public view while in the courtrooms,” he wrote. In the ruling, Merchan said cameras could be used in the hallway of the building. He also approved the use of two overflow rooms for additional seating, which was another request from media members.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Protests in NYC
One of President Trump’s strongest allies, MTG, is planning to protest this sham of an indictment in NYC. She scared Mayor Eric Adams, though. He told her to “behave herself.”

“Control yourselves, New York City is our home, not a playground for your misplaced anger. We are the safest large city in America because we respect the rule of law in New York City. And although we have no specific threats, people like Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is known to spread misinformation and hate speech, says she’s coming to town. While you are in town, be on your best behavior. As always, we will not allow violence or vandalism of any kind. And if one is caught participating in any act of violence, they will be arrested and held accountable no matter who you are.”

Court Documents Leaked?
Remember, court documents can be leaked. Even though the Soros backed DA, Alvin Bragg has assured us that the court documents are under a seal of law, we cannot trust this seal. Remember when the Roe v. Wade decision was leaked from SCOTUS? If it can happen at the highest court of law, then it can (and probably will) happen to our President, Mr. Trump.

Trump To Face Same Judge Who Ruled Against Him Previously

Tonight’s Mar-a-Lago Speech
After the indictment, Trump is scheduled to speak at Mar-a-Lago tonight at 8:15pm. Will the gag order be issued to silence our president before this speech? Only time will tell.

Trump Raises $7 Million From Indictment – Continues To Rise As Trial Looms

New York’s D.A. Alvin Bragg is Like Joseph Stalin’s Police-State Henchman

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  2. “The New World Order” is here now! World Economic Forum (WEF) founder and Executive Director Klaus Schwab stated on 5-23-22 quote: “Let’s also be clear: The future is not just happening. The future is built by us, a powerful community – you, here in this room. We have the means to impose this state [of the future] on the world,” Schwab’s video was later posted on Twitter. Remember on January 6, only one shot was fired, it killed one of us and it came from within… Let’s face it, the Democrats have performed the perfect Coup d’état! We are currently a Totalitarian Repressed State with an unknown Dictator! The question now is what will the citizens response be? Hence the “rulers” frantic push for gun confiscation!


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